Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Nobody believed her that she met the King’s son. Until that day at the wedding. The difference was glaring. On one side was her husband’s people; royalty. They exuded wealth and the confidence that wealth brings with it. they were also more than her people. The wealthy usually have a lot of friends.

Sitting behind her were her people. Most of them were villagers and looked it and those who were not were like the normal people you meet on the road. She did not want to look at the horrible accessories they wore on their aso ebi.

The Prince had seen her in the supermarket where she was a part time sales girl. Because of her poor financial state, everything around her was part time. She was a part time student of Unijos. She was also learning sewing part time. She and her friends call themselves ‘body and soul.’

Prince returned thrice that day to pick up something. The last thing he picked up was a tooth paste. It was when it became obvious that this was not merely shopping that he confessed. ‘I have been coming here because of you.’

She considered herself simple. She wore no makeup and her earrings the only accessory was the kind the JSS 1 students wore. Then she was not arrestingly beautiful.

Surely the Prince should have better option than me.

She protested. ‘I am from a poor home. I am just a part time student. I don’t belong to your class.’

He didn’t listen to her. ‘Love knows no boundary,’ he kept telling her. He told her of a certain King of England who abdicated his throne just to marry a commoner and be with the woman he loves.’

As they stood at the altar, after she analyzed their guests, it dawned on her that only love mattered. The Prince was right Love does not know any boundary.


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Tonia Okeze said...

Short but powerfully packed message.
I love it

chinyere Obi-Obasi said...

Thank you Tonia. I enjoyed writing it. Love should really know no boundary!