Friday, 12 May 2017


The Christian Enterprises and Professional Forum (CENTAPROF) hosted by Dr. Chidi Okpaluba had its April breakfast meeting on 29th April, 2017 at prestigious Reiz Continental Hotel.

The programme titled Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities had earlier held in Lagos.

The main speaker was Dr. Gregory Ike, PHD. He is the founder of and Chancellor of Gregory University- Uturu Okigwe.

Dr. Gregory Ike was described as legendary Nigerian Business Executive, entrepreneur, moving spirit of educational transformation in Nigeria as philanthropist ad humanitarian.

The hardship he went through as a child prepared him for the future roles in Nigeria. He established the Gregory Iyke Foundation which is a humanitarian medium to reach out to the poor and helpless in Nigeria. His private university, Gregory University Uturu, focuses on applied research, entrepreneurship and work based university education. The university mantra is knowledge for Tomorrow.

Dr. Gregory Ibe spoke on a wide range of issues, using poverty as a catalyst for growth, hearing from God, the role of kindness and integrity, hard work, being faithful at your work place, importance of networking and rising from one level to another.

He urged all talented people to work harder and put in extra hours in honing their craft.

The host, Dr. Chidi Okpaluba spoke on the opportunities for the entrepreneur.

The lecture which was well received were accompanied by some video clips must be popular being the famous story of Col. Sanders of Kentucky fried chicken.

Centaprof which is barely a year, was set up on February 11, 2016. The first meeting was made up of 18 people 16 of whom were his staff and 2 friends.

The movement was set up when he began to meditate on why Christians are not in leadership positions in business, politics, literature, academics, media, research etc.

The result of that meditation is this monthly seminar aimed at bringing successful Christian Entrepreneurs to talk about their walk with God and how God has helped them to overcome all challenges and seize opportunities.

June edition is billed to hold in the same venue.

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