Saturday, 31 December 2016


In my forthcoming book, must have book EVEN WITH TALENT,  Fela Durotoye husband of TARA the make up queen was quoted to have said;

If my wife is successful then I am successful, because behind every successful woman there must be a man. Again, as a consultant, it only helps me to know how good I am at my job since I am the one packaging her.

I believe that your first impact is to start from your immediate family.

That was why I was so pleased over what I considered the high point of the year when my daughter said a friend of hers was commending her on her leadership qualities and her writing style and asking how she came about them. How she was able to discover her purpose and get to know so many important people.

My daughter said she said to her, I don’t know, all I know if you have a mother like mine, you will discover your purpose.’’

This coming 2017, I am going to spend all my time assisting many people to discover purpose, teach them about talents and entrepreneurship and generally give them things that will cheer them up and establish them such that will give God pleasure.

So my first advice to you; don’t come and preach about kindness, loving your wife, assisting people to discover who they are when those things are not evident in your home front. Charity they say begins at home.

See you in 2017! 

God loves you.


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