Monday, 5 December 2016


It was a beautiful day as families, friends, colleagues, church members and well-wishers of Ifeyinwa Ikeonu and Majiro Ahaneku gathered to celebrate their 50th birthdays. Their  program stated that they were, celebrating 50 years of God’s goodness and grace.

The merrymakers hall where the reception held was filled with gaily dressed men and women.

Food was in abundance as people were given a choice from wide range of African dishes and Chinese dishes. Also served were the popular small chops, assorted drinks and wines.

It was indeed a reunion of some sort as friends who hadn’t seen each other were seen greeting themselves.

The reception was preceded with a thanksgiving service where prayers were said on behalf of the celebrants and praises and hymns rendered to God who made it possible for them to reach the age the golden age.

The celebrants’ husbands took turns to extol the virtues of their wives. Other people also followed suit to talk about how the celebrants affected their lives positively.

Ify was described as resourceful, intelligent, focused, kind, hardworking and a humanitarian. Majiro on the other hand was described as prayer warrior, a committed wife and mother in addition to being selfless and generous with her time.

The celebrants cut their cakes to the admiration of everyone present. Guests were also treated to large chunks of the cake.

The occasion ended with DJ playing tunes from music of 80’s and 90’s.

Excited guests not only danced their hearts out but tried to re-enact the dancing styles of that era.

The music was subsequently changed to the current Nigerian tunes from Nigerian artistes making waves all over the world.

As the satisfied guests left one after the other everyone agreed that the party was well organised.

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