Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Saturday October 1st will remain ever indelible in the minds of people of Ketti. This was the day members of Women of Glory paid them a visit with food, gifts and entertainment. The  venue was Ketti Local Education Authority(L.E.A).

The group set out to fete 5,000 people.

Present were the chief and leaders of the community, the women leaders and of course men, women and children of the community.

The Women of Glory did not just share and eat food on that day. They also took the message of love as preached by Jesus Christ. Pastor Love Emmanuel who gave a short exhortation, emphasized that as their physical bodies are being fed, they should not neglect their spiritual bodies.

The Chief, Chief Samuel welcomed the Group warmly and prayed for them emphasizing that it was the first time such a thing was happening in their community. He used the opportunity to solicit for government support in the provision of basic amenities.

The group members who had turned out in black tee-shirts with Women of Glory written boldly on it in addition to the logo proudly displayed at the back worked tirelessly from Friday night to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The vision of the group which was founded by Nikky Nzewi is to empower women and the vulnerable in the society and through carefully planned programmes and activities, give hope to those in despair to lead normal lives and realize their potentialities.

The group’s core values are as follows;

Empowerment of the vulnerable by providing quick fix solutions to individual situations within their resources and provide emotional support.

To collaborate and partner with other agencies, charity organization, donor agencies, government at all levels and citizens in the community.

 To be good stewards who will demonstrate ability to manage resources available resources to the organization by setting a standard for financial procedures and internal control

And finally to be persons of integrity who will accept public donations and remain beyond reproach in pursuing honourable initiatives in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.

Women of Glory which is not even up to a year old has carried out many activities like visitation to the orphanage and enlightenment campaigns in the media against domestic violence.

It is noteworthy that a lot of non-members have identified with the cause of the organisation.

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