Tuesday, 11 October 2016


The 3rd Annual Colloquium of Awogbeyega Awomolo Associates held on Tuesday 4th October 2016. The theme of the colloquium was GLOBAL ECONOMY BEYOND OIL: CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS; NIGERIA IN FOCUS.

The gathering was made up of many judges and many Senior Advocates of Nigeria that someone opined that there more Senior Advocates than ordinary lawyers. It was not surprising when you consider that the Awomolos (husband and wife) are both senior advocates of Nigeria. It was not just lawyers and judges that were in attendance; they were many friends and well-wishers of the Awomolos.

The event which kicked off promptly began with a welcome address by the Chairman of the Planning Committee; Prof. Yemi Akinseye-George SAN, Goodwill messages from the Chief Justice of Nigeria Hon. Justice Mahmoud Mohammed who was represented by Her Lordship; Mary Odili.

The keynote speaker was Prof. Patrick Okedinachi Utomi a Professor of Social and Political Economics while other discussants Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency  Dr. Willie Obiano and Alh. Bashir M. Wali delivered papers.

The high point was when Gov. Willie Obiano began his speech by stating that the objective of the government was to have Anambra State joins the top 3 states in Agriculture.

In order to convince people how the State how they have plotted for Anambra State to achieve this lofty ambition despite being the smallest state in Nigeria after Lagos and erosion, he systematically went through their present and futuristic plans.

·        Agriculture is the future of the country; Agriculture will soon regain its global power and take over from oil which is fast becoming irrelevant.

·        84 million hectares of land out of 90 million hectares in Nigeria are arable lands out of which only 40% have been cultivated so far.

·        There are investment opportunities in Nigeria in poultry and Shea butter farming.

·        The State drew from the large repository of gifted men and women of the state people to assist in building a better state.

·        The first thing that was done was development of a vision statement and mission statement.

·        Next they fashioned out an economic blueprint that sought to develop Anambra through Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, Industrialisation and Oil and gas.

·        Soil tests were carried out to determine which soil was good for which crop.

·        They set up Anambra state investment supermarket (ANSIPPA) whose function among others was to go through prospective investors plans for the state.

·        Currently 9 Agro - investors have together chipped in about N200billion investments into agricultural sector in the state.

·        State has begun to export vegetable products.

·        Have also linked farmers with industrialists (sorghum to beer factory).

·        The State hoped to reduce employment by creativing employment opportunities for youths in the agricultural sector.

In his closing statements, Gov. Willie Obiano advised Nigeria to identify and streamline a list of crops that grow best in Nigeria, adopt a scientific approach to farming by building a data bank for farmers, set realistic targets in agricultural production, develop clear export windows for palm produce and create and sustain synergy between commercial farmers and industries that need their produce as raw materials.

He also advised on the need to implement the above measures in order to break the yoke of over-independence on oil and carve out a sustainable pathway that will lead the country out of recession.

At the end of his speech, everyone irrespective of the political leaning or social status, stood up and gave him a standing ovation while someone shouted from the back of the hall, AMABRA IS WORKING.

The event came to a close at about 3pm with the Awolomo’s presenting plaques to some distinguished personalities and celebrating their friends and well-wishers who turned out for the event.

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