Monday, 15 August 2016

Pay attention to details and listen while everyone talks says Faizal Abubakar Sani who had all AIs in WAEC

When Hadiza Ali-Dagabana posted that her daughter Faizah Abubakar Sani  had all A1s in her West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams, I was very impressed.  I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had to interview her daughter to find out how she achieved this feat. Perhaps her story will serve as inspiration to others.

Q:    What is the name of your school?     
       I attended Olumawu School Abuja

Q:    Before now, have you heard of anyone that had all As in WAEC?
Yes I have.

Q:    Did you set out to have all As?
        No, my goal was to get A’s and a minimum of B3.

Q:    How did you achieve the feat?
        I studied really hard and I prayed for a good result.

Q:   How consistent have you always been from primary school till university?
      I'm not in the university yet .... I like to do things my own way . I  was in the top 5
      in primary and 1st 3 positions in junior secondary school but as I went higher to
      Senior Secondary, I knew I wanted better results so I had to put in more efforts
      and became serious in my studies.

Q:  What was your preparation for your examinations like?
       I do not wait for exams to study. I review my notes every day after school. Do my
       homework when due. I had access to the Internet for my schoolwork research and
       older siblings (2 graduate sisters and my aunt) who guided me through. In
       addition, i had after school extra lessons (optional) for at least an hour in different     
       subject organized by the school and went for Saturday classes .  My teachers did  
       majority of the work. There was no need for my mum to arrange for lesson
       teachers at home.   I will forever be grateful to them for believing in my abilities
       and assisting to achieve this feat.

       I am indeed grateful to God for giving me the capacity to excel, my parents and
       siblings for providing the support My teachers for believing in my capabilities, their
       encouragement and push.

Q:    If a mother comes to you and tells you that they want their child to have
        your kind of result what will you tell her?
People are all not same. We are different in our own unique ways and have different levels of capacity.  A parent cannot force a child but should encourage
 and provide the required tools in developing the child capacity.

Q:   If a child wants to know how she can make your kind of result, what do
       you tell her?
       Pay attention to details and listen while everyone talks.

Q:      What is your future plans?
          I want to be a medical doctor if Allah wills.

Congratulations once again. Wish you the best in future and we look up to you as one
 of those that will always keep our name positively in the news.

Amen and thank you aunty.

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