Tuesday, 9 August 2016


High Definition Film Academy (HDFA) the brain child of Bight Wonder Obasi with brilliant facilitators like Titi Johnson and Iyke Adiele is committed to producing world class actors, producers, directors, script writers through their training programmes.

The Academy is celebrating its 5 years of existence with usual 4 weeks script to screen acting course. However, this year’s appears to be the biggest when you consider the amount of publicity and packaging that has gone into it.

OC Ukeje was one of the stars billed to facilitate at the workshop. OC Ukeje is a notable actor who has featured in many outstanding films most notable of which was Half of a Yellow Sun. He has also won a lot of awards and currently a GLO Ambassador.

OC lived up to the billing. He gave his all during the three days. These 3 days were some of the best training days in the lives of everyone that was in attendance.

His lectures were deep, informative, revealing and insightful. He could easily have passed off as a comedian as he maintained his wit from beginning till the end.

According to him, though he has been acting for over 14 years only became known 4 years ago when he won the Amstel Malta Box Office reality show.

He spoke openly about his humble beginnings when he jumped from one audition to another. He was thankful that at least it was no longer the case.

He gave copious advice that will aid the upcoming actor. He told the participants that acting was hard work and only the resilient made it in the acting world.

He said however the first thing you had to settle was whether you really want to be an actor. Once that was settled, then you must be committed. To improve your acts, you must watch lots and lots of films. He also advised participants to watch behind the scenes of films in the internet. He emphasized the need for participants to read widely to increase your vocabulary and practice speaking right.

He encouraged the participants to attend as many auditions as possible. This was the only way they can be hired and even in cases when they are not hired, they can be noticed for future jobs.

He warned the participants to be careful in what they do because the industry is small and negative information about them was likely to count against them negatively.  

One of his frustrations is that the feelings of actors are not usually considered when films are being made like the actor’s role is only to act as he is not intelligent enough to make meaningful contributions.

He urged participants to recognise what their inhibitions are and draw a line according to what principles they hold dear. He said he knew the kind of jobs he would never do no matter how much he was offered.

The session ended with a group photograph and individual photographs with participants. A lot of the participants would have been thinking of how lucky, how favoured he was. But from where I sat, I reflected on everything he told us. I did not merely see a lucky or favoured man. I saw a talented, hardworking young man who is giving his all to the profession he loves. I saw a man who wanted to make a difference and leave a mark. I saw a humble man whose ability to listen to instructions has brought him really far. Most importantly I saw a passionate man willing to pass off what he knows about acting to others.

HDFA continues as the 4 weeks programme will end with participants producing a short film. The Academy still has a few places for participants.

Other stars expected within these 4 weeks are Nse Ikpe Etim and Blossom Chukwujekwu and Kalu Ikeagwu.

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