Thursday, 14 July 2016

Meet Titi Joseph, the lead star actress of Remarkable who is making waves in Nollywood

Titi Joseph is a fast rising star and one who I can authoritatively say that in the nearest future will become one of Nollywood’s finest. Her latest movie which she starred as the lead actress, Remarkable is set to be premiered on the 27th of August 2016. The film has been highly rated by critics.

Remarkable produced by Bright Wonder of High Definition Academy is one that shows off Titi Joseph’s ingenuity and acting skill.

Titi Joseph won the best actress in the 2013 edition of HIGH DEFINITION FILM ACADEMY (HDFA)’s Script to screen.

                                                               Scene in the film Remarkable

She was one of my teachers when I studied acting at the Academy. She was passionate about acting. It was always a delight listening to her and seeing her take command of her class. Not just me all the students were pleased with her teaching style and her ability to convey what acting should be like.

Looking at her pictures in this post, one can clearly see from her facial expressions that she indeed is practising what she taught us.

                                                          Scene in the film Remarkable

Though a very modest person, it is worthy of note that she was the best graduating Mass Communication Student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

I had to corner her for an interview on her latest work REMARKABLE and what the future holds in store for her.

                                scene in diary of triplets

My name is Titi Joseph. As for my nickname, people come up with all sorts of nicknames for me; Titi-lion, TIP...Tintin Joseph...the list is endless...

                                                      Scene in the film Remarkable

I have a BSC (Hons.) in Mass Communication from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

                                                                          Scene in the film Remarkable 

I am so excited yet so know the feeling of when you have put so much into a work and you are waiting to see how it will be received....but asides from that, I am looking forward to the story achieving the aim with which it was mend broken relationships and marriages.... This is personal for me....I want families to work so the children can have an ever strong pillar of support to lean on –that is if REMARKABLE achieves that, then i will be more than satisfied....let me use the opportunity to urge people to join me on August 27th in Abuja to view this movie that will not just entertain but change lives.

                          scene in diary of triplets

I have always been fascinated by acting and the power it has to touch a life, make a difference. So I started from stage dramas in church. I went professional in 2012. That has been what it is since then.

                   Scene in the film Remarkable

I have done - about twenty. Some of which are Remarkable, Broken, Diary of the triplets, Colour of rage, If only, Love circle, As crazy as it gets, A walk in the dark, Valerie and Struggles of eve. I am currently on the set of Dear Diary, a Lucky Stephen film.

                                                           Scene in the film Remarkable
God has been faithful, there has been down times, you know, the good, the bad and the ugly experiences yet I consider all learning processes. The most important thing is that I am still standing, I am still here, it’s been getting better and learning more of how to be a better actor has remained a watchword for with God, I am confident that the soonest future is bright....i keep telling myself that my dreams are bigger than me, yeah, but not bigger than my God so i will live my dreams and FLOURISH.

                                           Scene in a film 
My goal - to make a positive impact on lives, be the reason someone gets a better life, live right, have hope and smile. To add value when and wherever I can. 

Piracy, inadequate sponsorship, originality etc. We need strong laws against piracy in the country. We need to do movies that resonate with not just us in Nigeria but the world at large so when more people seek to watch our movies, it means more money and more people might just get interested to invest...and originality like the proverbial saying that till a lion learns to tells his own story, every story will glorify the hunter, we need to look inwards, tell our own stories, our own ways...enough of imitating the whites, we are not them and they are not we can be ORIGINAL, because that is what will make us a force to reckon with.

                                         Scene in the film Remarkable                 
I learnt acting at HDFA, and though I am an alumnus of the academy, I am also a student still and a coach....thanks to MY Coach and Director, Bright Wonder, he gave me the opportunity to teach and I realise what beauty lies in sharing the little knowledge you have with someone else.... I learn more when i teach and I enjoy every bit of it. It is something l will keep at.

                                                 Scene in the film Remarkable    
 The Movie world is more competitive than ever, if you are      sure it is what you want - learn first, keep learning, go out there and take a step towards it, one step after another...believe in yourself so must want it wholeheartedly, never forget the place of God, your own determination....and never  give up on your weaknesses...


                                  Scene in the film Remarkable
 I learn from many of them and appreciate them for making a difference.

Titi can be reached through any of these media
Facebook        - Titi Joseph
Twitter           - Iamtitijoseph
Instagram       - Iamtitijoseph....


Unknown said...

Titi is indeed a fantastic actor, one of nollwood's best. I have worked with her severally and I can firmly say that she's the bomb.more grace dearie

Unknown said...

Titi is my childhood friend and sister. She's very sweet, friendly, God fearing and hardworking. So proud of you girl to see you doing what you have always been passionate about. Way to go girl all the best darling

Unknown said...

She was a coursemate n truly d best in her class. She was truly remarkable, no wonder she came up with REMARKABLE. Go on TITI as we choose to call den, for d Lord is ur strength.

Adeyinka Ajayi said...

Happy for you dearie the sky is your starting point.

Scrubzz said...

Titi is one of the people that challenges me in this industry. You are a talented friend to have. Greater you always..

Unknown said...

Titilayo is a very good actor, she is very passionate about her acting. She is definitely one of the best to come out of the industry, you are blessed beyond your education, the sky is your starting point.

Unknown said...

Fast rising star..the sky is ur starting point,am proud of u sis keep it up

Joseph Rotimi said...

Ride on dear.i'd always seen the star in you,right from school days and that's why I kept calling you 'brainbox' even after several years of winning the mass com award of our great school, ABU,Zaria. Lols

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Titi has always been outstanding in all her endeavours. She works hard and smart to achieve whatever her heart is set to achieve. I am not surprised by the waves she is pulling already but itching to see her at the top-most top of her acting carrier.

Unknown said...

Titi has always been outstanding in all her endeavours. She works hard and smart to achieve whatever her heart is set to achieve. I am not surprised by the waves she is pulling already but itching to see her at the top-most top of her acting carrier.

Unknown said...

My dearest.. One of many i call Friend. U are amazing hun.keep soaring.

Unknown said...

Am a filmmaker, I must say that Titi Joseph is a remarkable Actress with a unique style of acting. She plays the role well and deliver it the way you want it. A proud to associate with this gifted lady in our industry. Kudos!!!

Unknown said...

Exquisite actress with a penchant for being the best at whatever she does.
Great minds never stops learning they say; she never stops to learn and impacting the lives of others.
I have only good things to say about her, she's a role model to those looking up to her.
You deserve every bit of every good thing coming your way dear. Congrats on your journey so far.
May God continue to help and guide you.

Unknown said...

Sis Titi was one of my teachers when I studied acting in HDFA. She's a great actress, very friendly and always ready to help out. There was no day she treated anyone of us like strangers or people she just met in the academy. She's like a big sister to me and am so proud to have known her. Rock it sis, the sky is your starting point. I love u!

Wilfred Dieyi said...

She sure is one of those new generation actresses set to blaze the trail in the nollywood industry... Producers, Movie directors, and the likes. Watchout for this one...

Unknown said...

Nyc 1,d lord is ur strength

Kane said...

Titi is going places! She works hard and is very passionate.

Victoria John-Mark said...

So proud of you Titi... You are so passionate about what you do and you do it so well...
You've got an excellent touch of perfection..
Love you Titi

Spaclare said...

Titilayomi, nollywood Sweet@, don't worry we are going place, Hollywood is the dreamland, just believe and it will come to pass, keep on keeping on, Baba God is your back bone, rise on

Trymore said...

It is interesting to know that Titi is a product of ABU, Zaria... no wonder the touch of excellence.
I am not much of a Nollywood person, but met Titi on a docu-drama/ PSA location where she was acting the role of both a man and a woman.

She showed so much professionalism in handling her role, the several retakes, her carriage et al. She really did look like a man while she played the role, and a complete female when she switched roles.
I am surely looking forward to seeing her in 'Remarkable'. I know she will shine there as always.

Itofa Ivarah said...

I have been in aunty Titi's class & I must say she is a remarkable actor & a teacher

Unknown said...

You know, I have been looking forward to a day like this. His grace is upon you my Titi Joseph. When I saw the trailer, I knew from that moment that this is reality, is real life, is a dream come true. I am happy for you dear. I will keep praying for you dear. Kudos!

Unknown said...

You know, I have been looking forward to a day like this. His grace is upon you my Titi Joseph. When I saw the trailer, I knew from that moment that this is reality, is real life, is a dream come true. I am happy for you dear. I will keep praying for you dear. Kudos!

Titi Jospeh said...

Wow....i decided to read up on this article today and was welcomed by these amazing feedbacks.....#Paul Vicks #Olatoun Adewumi #Sani Habibullahi #Adeyinka Ajayi #Scrubzz (this should be my friend o Bolanle abi) #Samson Adebayo #Emmanuel Opeyemi #Joseph Rotimi #Jibril John #Bella Ike #Michael Oriewe #Okechukwu Beloveth #Wilfred Dieyi #Umar Karimatu #Kane #Victoria John-Mark #Spaclare #Trymore Brymore lol #Itofa Ivarah, #Silk Snappy.... I am so grateful for these encouraging words....going out of your way to encourage me in such manner is humbling....May God bless all of our endeavours and grant me the grace not to dissapoint your faith/believe in me...Once again "THANK YOU All" and to the wonderful woman who put his write up together -Mummy #Chinyere Obi-Obasi....thanks and God bless....THANK YOU ALL AGAIN. TITI JOSEPH

Unknown said...

Titi is a lovely lady and colleague really. One would have thought that with all these in her kitty, she would naturally be arrogant, but No; Titi is cool and calculated, always giving honour to whom it is due. I wish you greater successes Titi. Loving you plenty.

yety said...

so happy to know you doing whatyouv alwaysdesired to do and now you good at it. keep up dgood work forever your fan.......winks

Unknown said...

Titi I came across this write up about you wow kudos to u! I have never watched any of your movies,I would look out for them and definitely watch the newest one . Well done girl. Toyin adewumi adeitan ( bukky adewumi' sister)