Monday, 4 July 2016

Heritage Academy organises a French Assembly

Heritage Academy is one of the schools in Abuja that has consistently maintained it’s standards and produced children who are doing well in their different fields of academic pursuit.

Incidentally all my children passed through that school and have received awards in their various schools for leadership, good behavior and creativity.

The school is known for producing rounded children who in addition to academics also explore other talents. The school engages the children in extra curriculum activities like sports, music, songs, drama (film), dance etc.

To buttress the above point, on the 4th of July, the school had a French Assembly. The usual Monday Assembly would have been the same except that this time, everything was done in French to the admiration of the few parents who were present.

Some of the things done in French by the children were; Opening prayer, The Lord’s prayer, Praise songs, Bible verses, Poems, School songs, National Anthems and National Pledge.

The parents were impressed with the school for the work they did. They thanked the proprietress, Mrs. Oge Neliaku, Mr. Spencer Okoroafor (Headmaster) and the teachers for their steadfastness.

The meeting ended with parents being offered a French breakfast consisting of toast bread, coffee with milk and sugar (optional) and fruit salad.

With their commitment to give the children the best kind of education, nobody will be surprised if the school organises a Spanish Assembly! 

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