Tuesday, 5 July 2016

CHIC CHAT had an awesome June edition

The June edition of CHIC CHAT powered by Pastor Chineze Okeke popularly called Mummy Chi held on June 25, 2016.

The meeting began with prayers, praise and worship before Pastor Chineze stated for the benefit of new timers, the goal and objectives of the fellowship. It is a non-denomination monthly meeting of women open to singles and married and it was inspired by 2nd Corinthians 1 verses 3 and 4; ‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

The speakers were Mrs. Uzo Ohams, Chinwe Emedo and the founder, Pastor Chineze Okeke. The subject for discussion being No 1 in No 2 was very interesting as the 3 speakers spoke from different angles. Whereas Mrs. Ohams spoke from the point of view of a wife, Chinwe Emedo spoke from the point of view of an employee while Mummy Chi spoke from the point of view of a Pastor’s wife.

Mrs. Oham stated that she became a stay at home mum on the insistence of her husband who was a rig engineer. She however does some business from home from time to time. She said being a stay at home mum gave her ample time to do the things she wanted and look after her children.

She stated that the bible conferred headship on the man. It was therefore important that a woman must understand her roles in the home as designed by God.

She urged the women to see themselves as help meet for the men. 

She said a man is never complete until a woman comes into his life as seen in the case of Adam in the Garden of Eden. 

A woman must do the things that will brighten and make a man’s life easier.
A woman’s presence must be felt in a home by virtue of her being in that home. He must be neat and well-dressed at all times.
A woman must exert the right kind of influence on her husband.
A woman must pay attention to her husband’s business and earn his confidence.
Take interest in his family; do not push them away. He will grow to love you when he sees how you have received his family.
Always consider his mood before you bring up any discussion.
Be your husband’s cheer leader, motivator and encourager.
If there is an opportunity to lead somehow like Deborah in the bible, do it humbly.
You must be his lover like no other.
Finally, you must learn to pray for your husband and pray him out of every ugly situation he finds himself in.

Chinwe Emedo spoke about being a subordinate in someone’s business. You are thus the person described as a leader under authority.

She decried the situation where people just do not want to serve others and wanted the women not to disdain or look down on working for other people. It is a defeatist attitude not to like challenges and not to learn from others.
She insisted that you can really be the best in supporting other people’s business and by so doing; you use the opportunity to learn and to launch out. You learn the little things you need that will be necessary when you launch out on your own. She gave many examples of such relationships; Moses/Aaron, Laban/Jacob.

There is no guarantee that you will ave the best of bosses or colleagues but that should not stop you from serving honestly.

She noted how important tutelage was. She emphasized that it was important to pay the price of service and get it right now than when you are on your own. This is because when you learn well; you can replicate what you have learnt. You gain while working; technical, academic excellence and managerial prowess. 

She reminded the women of the common saying of reaping what you sowed. She urged women therefore to work diligently when working for others because God will reward you exceedingly when you start your own business.

Pastor Chineze Okeke started by saying that anyone can suddenly find herself become a pastor’s wife. Once your husband gets the call, you are elevated to that position. God can use anyone; the anointing is what makes the difference. 

She said she prayed to God to make her a good supportive Pastor’s wife who will not compete with her husband.

She said Pastor’s wives must not be seen to be dragging speaking opportunities with their husbands. Most times when you think a word is burning in you for the people, it might just be God speaking to you.

As a Pastor’s wife, your job is to support him; in her case, she uses her voice in singing to support him. 

You must learn not to listen to advice that will put discord between you and your husband. 

You must also control yourself and not keep your husband away from people.
Remember the case of Ananias and Saphirah and not support him if he is wrong. Gently point out any wrong doing to him. 

Also do not despise the anointing in him like Micah the wife of David did.
Remember to intercede for him by standing in the gap particularly in cases when his spirit is low.

Pray always that God will guide him aright.

Affirm him and make him look good.

Support him when he is down and pray him out of the situation.

Remember to cover him and make him look good by doing the right thing.

Like Abigail, be approachable.

Dress well always.

Keep him sexually satisfied.

There were later contributions from the floor and questions too.
The meeting came to an end on a high note with members looking forward to the next meeting in July.

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