Monday, 2 May 2016



On Saturday, 30th April, Rogers Nwoke intimated me of the surprise birthday party he was organizing for his wife and requested that I anchor it.

The surprise party was to hold the next day being 1st May, 2016. He was happy when in the end he pulled it such that she never got to know about the party.

The husband had told her a day before her birthday that he was travelling to London. She was truly very angry with him because it appeared he did not value her, if not how could he have planned a trip on this important day. Little did she know that he was busy planning her party.

At about 6pm, she was led into the venue by their Senior Pastor’s wife, Chineze Okeke. Pastor Okeke had asked her to take her to their garden to see if the place was suitable for their party. Of course the husband knew Pastor Chineze Okeke was the one person who can get Joyce to leave her house at that time. 

Upon my instruction, as soon as she came into the venue, everyone began to clap and the band began to sing happy birthday song.

The moment was priceless as she recognized the monumental conspiracy as I termed it. She went to her most trusted friends and queried them on why they did not tell her.

She shed tears of joy. It was all too much for her to take in. 

Her children had a lot of fun laughing at her.

It was a moment nobody in that hall will ever forget in a hurry. 

The occasion began properly with praise and worship by Pastor Folakemi Adigwu.

The prayer by Pastor Ikenna Okeke was the icing on the cake as everyone said Amen to Pastor's prayer of long life for her. 

The party had the right trappings, music, food, drinks, dancing and endless jokes by my humble self.

The massive cakes were shared and 'washed' down with generous amounts of wine. 

As the dancing progressed and people began to slip away one by one, everyone concluded that there was no better way to honour your wife than Rogers had done.


Unknown said...

This is overwhelming! Lord, may I love my wife way as good as this. Just look at the awed wife's face!

Unknown said...

This is overwhelming! Lord, may I love my wife way as good as this. Just look at the awed wife's face!

Unknown said...

Wow, very thoughtful husband. God bless him for appreciating his wife this way. Priceless!

Unknown said...

So touching !!well planned out surprise party. God bless their Union!!!

zerry ht said...

Such a huge surprise birthday bash! I am in love with all the arrangements. I am so thankful to you for sharing the photos. At the popular LA event venues I also attended a 30th birthday party. It was a rooftop wine tasting themed party which turned out to be just fantastic.