Sunday, 1 May 2016


Once upon a time there was a girl named Shade. She loved reading a lot. It was her most favourite hobby.
Unfortunately her parents; her dad to be precise did not support her. He was all about education. It was either she was reading her school books or doing her homework but this did not discourage Shade. She still read from the library in her school and borrowed books from her friends. This was very risky because, she often took the books home and if she ever got caught by her father, she will get into a big trouble.

Once, she brought a book home and her father entered her room unexpectedly and caught her reading it. He asked her why she was reading a book and she lied it was a school project and if she did not read it, some marks would be deducted from her CA so he left her alone.
One day Shade was walking back home from school. She sat down to rest on a side of the road. She was not happy that day because she did not have a book to read. Unfortunately her friends did not bring any books to school and she had almost read almost all the books in the library and did not have any interest in the rest.

As she sat down there, she felt an urge to look back and so she did. Lo and behold, there was an old dirty library behind her. Happiness filled her spirit and she immediately ran inside. She kept on thinking; how did I not see this library here all these while. She guessed that it was because she was always reading a book while walking back home and   hardly paid attention at what was going on around her.
Inside the library were lots and lots of books; different colours, shapes and sizes.
Despite the dirt that were on the books, she picked on up, cleaned it with tissue in her bag and went outside to read it.

Shade couldn’t contain the happiness in her until the next day. She told her friends about the wonderful place she discovered. They were also interested in this place and decided to follow her after school.
When they got there, they wondered why such a place with many interesting books would be so dirty and dusty. So they decided to clean it up the next day. They borrowed some cleaning materials from their kind janitor and gathered other pupils   after school and went to the library to clean it up.
When they were through, the library was sparkling clean. You could see your reflection on the floor. They also opened the library to other people and only charged N1,000  for a month because they knew how important reading was. Not only does it help in vocabulary but also in imagination.

Shade and her friend used the money they got to repair the library. They continued to do this until they grew up and parted ways. 

Shade built more libraries and became a famous writer. Even her dad that taught that life was all about education would always boast about her to his friends.

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