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As usual, CHIC CHAT did not disappoint. Chic Chat powered by Pastor Chineze Okeke popularly called Mummy Chi has proved by the increase in the number of attendees and the subject matters that it has truly come to stay and in no distant time will be one of the women fellowships that will be reckoned with in Abuja. 

The meeting began with prayers, praise and worship before Pastor Chineze stated for the benefit of new timers, the goal and objectives of the fellowship. It is a non-denomination monthly meeting of women open to singles and married and it was inspired by 2nd Corinthians 1 verses 3 and 4; ‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

Earlier topics treated in the months past include and not limited to overcoming marital issues, in-laws, cultural differences in marriage, delay in child birth, being a breadwinner.

The quality of testimonies and life experiences shared showed that the fellowship was achieving its objective to minister and encourage women.

Coincidentally the first speaker who spoke on FORGIVENESS was one of the speakers on the March Edition. She is Dr. Chiemezie Anyanwu with a lot of titles; optometrist, deaconess, coordinator of welfare department of The Father’s Church. She is one of the Faculty members of Rhema Bible Training Institute and coordinator of their Nigeria Healing school. She is also a baker and owns Claire’s cakes & More Ltd. She is also a fashion designer. 

Dr. Anyanwu took her bible texts from Matt 18:15-20, Matt: 5: 22-25, Mk 11:25-27, Ephesians 5:21, 1Cor. 12:25-27; Eph. 5:21, Eph: 1:21-22 and James 3:16.

She made the following points to buttress her point that we must forgive;
·        Forgiveness means to pardon, exonerate and excuse to a fault.
·   Understand that whereas you can control your behavior, you cannot control other people’s behavior.
·        You cannot control how others treat you but you can control how you react.
·        It is natural for people to take offences against those close to them.
·        You forgive by empathising with people
·        Make excuses for people
·        Discuss the issue with that person
·        Apologise if you are wrong
·        Be reasonable
·        Refuse to take offence
·        Remember that without forgiveness, your health situation will deteriorate
·        Forgiveness means that you are no longer counting the offence
·        Must pretend that the offence did not happen
·        Allow others to take advantage of you
·        Make forgiveness happen by making a choice and deciding to forgive
·        Pray about it
·        Release the person
·        Say it out so the devil will hear
·        Pray for the people that hurt you.
·        Bless them and don’t let them control how you feel
·        Sow into their lives
·        Act quickly.

The second speaker Emem Opashi spoke on TILL DEATH DO US PART. This has to do with marriage being till any of the parties dies.
Emem Opashi is known as an educator, a deaconess and a successful entrepreneur is married for 18 years, she had this to say on why we must make our marriages work.

·        Marriage is not a joke
·        it is not a ‘follow follow’ situation
·        Know what is normal for both of you
·        Marriage is a dedication, strategic and deep commitment
·        Don’t enter marriage with the option of leaving if things don’t work out well
·        Don’t compare yourself with others.
·        Pray ceaselessly
·        Love the one you are with
·        Create habits and memories
·        Be his cheerleader
·        Respect him- Eph. 5:31
·        Have fun with each other
·        Look beyond what is going on
·        Be discerning; be sensitive
·        Listen to what he has to say
·        Choose your battles
·        Celebrate your differences
·        Don’t take each other for granted
·        Submit to your husband
·        Defend and protect him
·        Don’t use your body as a tradeoff let there be mutual enjoyment
·        Teach your children to respect your husband
·        Know your husband is your reference point
·        Overcome the challenges to become stronger and stronger.

There were some contributions from a visiting Pastor Akudo Ikpeazu, Adanna and some others who spoke on their strategies for overcoming offenses and strengthening their marriages. 

The most touching contribution came from a woman who was married to a blind man She testified of the many challenges they had and how they overcame and how they are happy together.

Pastor Chineze Okeke was happy with the quality of the presentations and told the women how that she earnestly looked forward to having them for the June edition which as usual she promised will be explosive.
While the women feasted, they discussed the points raised at the CHIC CHAT fellowship which is indication that surely they appreciated this month’s fellowship.

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