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How multitalented can one person be? Meet Kemi the Accountant turned Drummer, Violinist, DJ, Musician, Soung Writer, Entertainer.

Kemi is one lady with talents and most importantly guts. In addition she has the focus, the drive and determination. I have no doubt that in the nearest future, her name will feature as one of our artistes making us proud.

This is her captivating interview.

My name is Oluwakemi Bamidele Famugbode. In secondary school, my classmates called me Gboza the drummer girl. I adopted the nick name DJ Irawo when I was sure that I wanted to do music professionally.

I am the first born of my parents. I have three siblings; two females and a male who is the last born. My father is a retired quantity surveyor and currently a consultant in the same field. My mother is a retired nurse and is a now a jewelry designer.

I studied accounting but now, I am a musician and music entrepreneur, my immediate younger sister studied business administration and is now a jewelry designer and seller and also mixes drinks for parties, my other sister studied law, was called to bar and is now a jewelry designer and jewelry merchant and our last born studied economics and is now a human resources consultant.

I attended Subulola Nursery school, Festac Town, Lagos, Central Bank of Nigeria primary school Satellite Town, Lagos, Lagos State Model College, Badore, Yaba College of Technology (OND Accounting), Abubakar Tafa Balewa University, Bauchi (Diploma in Accounting) and Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State (BSc accounting). I graduated with a Second Class Upper in Accounting.

I also did some accounting and banking related professional courses. Afterwards, I got a scholarship to study music at the Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI), Lagos. I majored on the drums set and music for films. I graduated with a distinction.

I also attended Edge Business School, Lagos.

I began career with an industrial attachment with Equatorial Trust Bank, head office and I worked in the Communications Department as a Communication Staff, Telephone Operator and a Front Desk Officer.

I also worked at Marina International Bank, Apapa immediately after graduating from the university as a Marketing Officer.

Afterwards, I served as a youth corps member with Access bank PLC, Apapa and Allen Avenue branches as a Marketing Officer and Transaction Officer respectively. After my service year, I was offered a permanent position at Access Bank but I wanted to join the Nigerian Navy.

I wanted to join the Nigerian Navy musical band by first getting in via my accounting qualifications and then switch to music or to the sport department. In those days, I was an aerobics freak. I would do 50 sit-ups every day and jog miles on end.

I came tops in the Navy aptitude tests, examinations, physical exercise and interview but my blood and urine test revealed that I was pregnant with my second child. I did not even know that I was pregnant because I had just had a miscarriage because of my tedious job at Access bank.

After having my baby, I worked with Hazanwao Micro Finance Bank, Oregun, as the Head of Internal Audit. Afterwards, I worked with Cashlink PLC, Idowu Taylor as the Group Internal Auditor.

Finally, I worked as Head of Internal Control, Audit and Investigations at Vining Micro Finance Bank, Ikeja.

I was offered another job as the Head of Internal audit at Olive Micro finance, Ikeja and some other finance institutions but I just wanted to do music. So, I declined the offers.

I registered Drumline Entertainment but my husband did not allow it to thrive. His opinion was that women involved in entertainment are promiscuous. He gave me so much stress and it affected our marriage so I decided to forget about music.

I decided to register Axiom Corporate Company Limited and work as an internal control consultant with the inclusion of accounting and tax computations. But after a while, I got bored. I still wanted to do music. I wanted to write and blog too. So, I looked my destiny in the face and decided to damn all consequences to achieve my goal in life; music!

I left the bank because I got bored and I wanted to pursue my music career. I also hated going to work on Monday mornings. By Sunday evenings, I would become depressed.

Everyday traffic, to and from work, was also another reason I wanted to leave. I was also not comfortable with office politics; I don't lick asses. I just do my job and go home.

I also wanted a situation where I could work from the comfort of my home, although, after sometime, I took my freedom for granted and became lazy and procrastinated a lot, lying down on my couch, watching TV all day long. So, I had to rent an office/music studio space. I also wanted to have flexible time for myself and my children.


Right now, I do music! I am a drummer, singer, songwriter, DJ, sound
designer and a violinist. I own Drumline Music & Entertainment. I do all the above and the following;

·        Jazz Band:
The talking drum, gangan, is my major jazz musical instrument. I also do scat singing. I perform my own songs and those of other artistes. I perform with my Drumline jazz band. You can listen to some of my songs via

·        Live Disc Jockey
My major genres of music are jazz and electro-house. Sometimes, I accompany beats with my talking drum.

·        Music Publishing:
I work with songwriters to help collect and account for their royalties. I also assist songwriters with the synchronization of their songs on films, TV shows and adverts.

I connect songwriters with musicians/artists who want better songs to record and they record these songs. The artistes have the face to the songs and they get invited to perform these songs. I negotiate the terms of compensation including royalties. I get paid commission for my services.

·        Music and Sound Supervision
Here, I source for film makers, film producers and film directors. I read the film script; determine where songs and background cues will come in. Then I prepare the cue sheets and get permission for the songs. At least, one of my songs is included in a project *winks*

Afterwards, I design the background sound and work with my music and sound editor to synchronize the sound and music on the film during the post-production.

·        Music and Business Blogging
I write about the music business, music and business generally. I enjoy writing. I blog at

·        Drum Classes
I teach drum music. I teach the theory and practicals of drum music. Specifically, I teach gangan, iya ilu, small bata and hand drums like djembe and conga drums.

·        Business Management
Here, I take charge of the business aspect of a musician/artiste/or creative business' account such as record keeping, accounting, contracts and tax. I figured that many creative people have problems with this aspect of their business so I guide them on what to do, help them out and get paid.

·        Creative Concept Design
This has to do with copywriting and ideas for creative concepts for everything artistic. For example, I can write the storyboard to a music video and advert. I am already writing the concept for my music videos.

I also help business out with formulating their mission, vision statements and slogans etc.

In conclusion, all these jobs do not come at the same time. I take one job at a time. If I am not able to take up another job at the moment because I am busy on another and I am of the opinion that my assistants cannot do the job satisfactorily, I tell my clients to be patient or I tell them that I will not be available to do that job at that time. Besides, I am used to doing a variety of jobs because of my background in auditing where I had to monitor activities in several departments at the same time.

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