Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Children of Father’s Church celebrate Children’s Day in Style

29th May every year is marked as Democracy day for Nigeria.

This year 2016 Democracy Day fell on a Sunday. It was therefore a double celebration for The Father’s Church as the Children’s Department (LIGHTBEARERS) also celebrated the Children’s Day which is falls on 27th May every year on this day.

The theme of this year is on God's love In Action taken from 2 Corinthians 13.

On May 15, the Children’s Department had carried out a bake sale. The aim of the bake sale was to raise money. The money raised would be used to buy presents for the children currently hospitalized at Maitama General Hospital.

On 21st May, the children and a few teachers in the Department went on a visit to the hospital. The hospital was partially on strike. Naturally the children were disappointed because they were only able to minister to the few children and staff they met on ground.

The grand finale was on Sunday 29th May. This time before the church, the children ministered in songs. They were two choirs; the joyful noise which is choir made up children under 5 years and the adult (children) mass choir made up of all the children in church.

They also ministered in drama.

There was also dance.

There was also recitations.

The three MCs; Amaris, Tobi and Joey did a fantastic job.

Pastor Emem Opashi and another teacher Sister Yvonne Onabolu gave scintillating performance of Whitney Houston’s, ‘I believe the children are our future.’

The church was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the presentations and the dedication of the children and their teacher. The Church showed their appreciation by cheering and giving of standing ovation.

The icing on the cake was the message by the Head Pastor, Ikenna Okeke where he urged everyone to have the mind of Children so they can access the kingdom of God. He stressed that the only requirement we have to access heaven is to just trust and obey implicitly as a child would when an adult made a promise to him.

It was a day the children and their teachers will not forget in a hurry.

There was also food and drinks for the children and teachers.

The beautiful day ended with the cutting of cake.

Special recognition and praise goes to Assistant Pastor Emem Opashi, the pastor in charge of the Children’s Church for her able leadership.

Next set of recognitions go to their teachers; Ezinne Njoku, Nma Nzerue, Toyin Akingbola, Victoria Onuoha, Yvonne Onabolu, Gisele Mebonde, Jeremiah Samuel, Hauwa Bob, Mary Ashinbende, Tare Atiyota, Aniefon Umar, Mary Okeke, Vera Onah, Ronke Oka, Janet A. Blessing Bisong, Sarah, Ezinne Njoku, Hulda and my humble self; Chinyere Obi-Obasi.

The Senior Pastor and his wife; Pastor Ikenna Okeke and Pastor Chineze Okeke praised the children and the teachers for the efforts they put in within such a short time to achieve this great feat.

They also prayed for them.

There is no doubt that this appreciation showed by the church for work well done will go a long way in gingering the children and teachers to do more.

There is no doubt that the Children’s Department is poised to do more in imparting the lives of the children and society.

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Em O said...

Thank you so much Sis Chinyere- so honored to have our children's day celebration featured in your blog. God bless you real, real good Sis!!!!!