Wednesday, 6 April 2016


In every marriage, an enabling environment is key to the survival and the growth of the people there.

For the man, it is having a wife that loves him, supports him, believes in him, respects him and cares for him and who brings up her children to do the same.

For the wife, it is having a husband that goes overboard in show of affection for her, respects her, provides for her (even if he does not have money, he is so hardworking that she know it is only a matter of time), allows her to be herself, supports her and protects her.

For the children, it is a home where they are accepted warts and all, where they are not compared to any other children, where they are loved and provided for. Where they have peace of mind, a home that holds beautiful memories.

Look at the above list are you doing your part in creating this enabling environment?

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