Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Whenever it is mother’s day and a lot of people are all over the place happy for the mothers. I wonder if they have spared a deep thought for the woman they
are celebrating.

If it was a child, has he been the best of the children? Or is he the kind that is always causing her heartache. Such a child is always dragging her from one police station to another or from one trouble to the other..

Or you are a daughter, you have such bad reputation that churns her stomach. That makes her wonder how she gave birth to you in the first place. You refuse to do things in the house. You make her talk to you all the time. She complains about your short dress, you go for a shorter one. She thinks 10pm is late, you move it to midnight.

Or you are a husband mouthing happy mother’s day yet you are the worst specimen of a man. Her tears fill the bed as she keeps wondering every day what made her marry this man with unquenchable sexual appetite who has made her a laughing stock, a sexual pervert or this mean man who maltreats her.

So you are celebrating the mothers, check your life no matter what the relationship is and find out how you have contributed to her happiness or peace or discomfort, tears or high blood pressure. It is not too late for you to make amends so by next year when you are saying happy mother’s day you will be saying it truthfully.

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