Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Rex Ogbonna says, 'being self-employed pays more honestly than waiting for the every end of the month‘peanuts’.

My name is Ogbonna Chidiebere Moses Rex

Your Educational Qualification?
I have a BSC Hons. in Accounting from University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

Your Working Experience?
I worked in a photo lab between 2012 and 2014.

What Do You Currently Do?
Currently, I sell beddings.

How Did You Come Into This Line of Business?
A friend of mine introduced me to it but not the duvet part of it...I began to make duvet by divine inspiration. I woke up one morning and decided to find out how it is done.

How Lucrative Is Your Business?
It is quite a good business especially when you have good clients like hotels you can supply duvet and bed sheets in large quantity.

How Supportive Are Your Parents?
My parents are supportive, especially my mom who likes the idea of people being self-employed.

What of Your Friends?
My Friends are supportive too...They continue to encourage me.

What Challenges Are You Experiencing?
Challenges hmmm...ok...our economy is not helping the matter especially the dollar increment... you will go to the market one day only to discover that all the material prices have increased and your clients won’t like to hear u changed your own price.

What Are Your Plans For Your Business?
Well my plans..I have plans to expand my business. I want to establish a beddings making company... I  intend to have a big factory where I would have bought my materials in bulk, bought lots of industrial sewing machines, employed a lot of  labourers.. acquired many big trucks for my supply.

What Advice Do You Have For Young People?
I will advise young people to start up something immediately after or even during NYSC...being self-employed pays more honestly than waiting for the every end of the month ‘peanuts’.

Who Are the People That Inspire You?
I am inspired by stories of men like Innoson, Peace Mass Transit, Slok Company etc.

How Bright Is Your Future?
I know i will get there someday requires God and hard work.

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