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Pastor Huldah Erumaka:There is also nothing like inequality between a man or a woman. God made the man and the woman equal.

I am Huldah Chiajughim Uzoechi Erumaka nicknamed Adanne with HND Secretarial Administration/Personnel Management.

You recently turned 50. A lot of women don’t tell their ages or lie about it. What made you to announce yours?

Age is a blessing. Except if you don't understand it. Also age is just a number. What matters is your outlook about life and your lifestyle. For me is a sign of how far God has brought you. It is a sign of how experienced you are. So reducing your age or hiding it completely is a clear sign of immaturity. Age is a blessing because there are Blessings, Grace and Favours that certain ages attract to you. So if this is how people that turn 50 feels, then I feel good!!!

Like every human being, you must have had your high and low moments, what are they?
I will start with low moments: One was when I was waiting for the fruit of the womb. I waited for 7 years. I never had problems with my husband or mother-in-law. The people that made life miserable for me were 'over concerned fellow Christians', false prophets with their imaginative prophecies and revelations!!! One told me he 'saw an accusing finger pointing at me, that God said I should fast for 2 weeks. I said Okay. What should I be praying about? He said asking for FORGIVENESS! I said for 2 weeks? I asked him, what is the nature of the sin? He said the sin of fornication and abortion when I was a single lady? That was the climax my sister. I made him understand that while he was still a sinner, I was already born again at the age of 12. I have never gotten pregnant before talk less of abortion. I made him understand that he doesn't know the scriptures. You don't need to ask for God's forgiveness for 2 weeks before HE will respond. It is an instant thing.

Secondly, about the 'ACCUSING FINGER' that the Bible says that 'the Devil is an accuser of the brethren.' So if he really saw the vision, he is correct and I wouldn't lose my sleep over such vision. I politely walked him out of my house.

Some said I was possessed because of my natural skin colour and long hair. When I lost my mum! She was a pillar, my confidant, my power Bank of prayer, my mentor and counselor. Just to mention but few.

High Moments:
When I got born again. The encounter left with a special feeling I can't describe till today. When I had my first baby JOSHUA MPKURUOMA. When the Church building project was completed and dedicated. Whenever I'm fulfilling my vision and passion. The people God brings into my life. I have passion to impact women and youths. And by the grace of God I'm doing my best based on God's provisions. By the grace of God I have seen many youths through University. Each time they graduate, it is always an exciting moment for me. Same with women who are hurting because of bad relationships and without economic power. By the grace of God I have empowered them, counseled them to wake up and face their lives etc. This is what makes me happy and gives me so much satisfaction. I have done this for over 15 years now. But I want to launch a foundation for this in August this year and you're coming to anchor it. So get ready.

Thank you for the honour. Your husband is a handsome, well known and well-travelled preacher, how did you meet?
We met through my elder brother who was his senior in Secondary School.

What has marriage to him been like?
It has been a journey from grace to grace. It has also been very challenging because he doubles as a Pastor and an Evangelist. So this makes him travel a lot, almost every week, round the year. But I have come to know that for someone to fulfill destiny and make impact, there must be sacrifices made by someone somewhere. It was not easy at the beginning but at a point I understood that I had to let go, to allow him fulfill his calling and ministry. Is been quite an experience and exciting!!! 

A lot of marriages seem to have issues, why is this so?
From my experience as a Pastor and counselor, I think is based on lack of understanding and communication. Understanding the principles of God in marriage and love relationship and communication which is based on speaking the right language. Couples must learn the love language of their spouse. Every human being has a love language and it varies from one to another. Love is an action and not mainly words. Learn your partner's love language and communicate it and you will see great result. The PORTRAIT OF LOVE is in the book of 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. This is what love looks like and is!

What in your opinion is feminism?
For me Feminism has a different meaning. Is not the way some women seeking for CHEAP POPULARITY put it and present it to the world. I take God's way and purpose of what He had in mind in making the Female gender. So from God's point of view Feminism has to do with the way a woman was made and the purpose in God's mind. What are those purposes? I always tell people that the best way to know a product is to read and study the manual.

The problem we have as women and the men is that we have not taken time to study who we are and the men are the worse in this matter. Who am I as a woman? Feminism has to do with the following: Our physique, our way of doing things, our power of influence which is the best power in leadership, our detailed nature which we carry into everything we do, which distinguishes us from the male counterparts, our innocent look which gives us an age over the men, our beauty, our organization, our gentleness, our power of perception or intuition as some calls it, our ability to make prompt decisions at difficult moments. I call it "doing as occasion warrant", the way we love, to mention but few because of space and time. This is what makes us feminine.

As a pastor in the church, do you think, Christians should support feminism?

NO!!! Like I said earlier is more of political than real. I don't believe in the slogan or saying that "What a man can do a woman can do better." There is nothing like that. There is also nothing like inequality between a man or a woman. God made the man and the woman equal. But He gave the man the leadership position for accountability and order. That you are a leader doesn't make you superior over the people you are leading.

Leadership is a serving position. Not an executive position. God made the woman with a rib from Adam's side not from his legs so the woman will be under his feet not from his head so that she can be above him, but rather from his side so they can fulfill their purpose side by side as partners.

So let's stop this feminine talk and step into our God given purpose for our lives. Let's work more and talk less. When a product is achieving the purpose for its production, it announces itself. And there is no competition in a place of excellence. I'm happy being a woman, I'm not intimidated by any man or any disrespectful talk about the female gender. Also I'm not in any competition with any man. It couldn't have been better!!!

A lot of people think that we have too many churches, do you agree?

Yes that is true. But I'm not bordered about it. Is the fulfillment of the gospel. It is the growing of the wheat and the tares together, God will do the separation in due time. Also is like what JESUS did on the feeding of the Five Thousand. He gave the bread to all His disciples to share to the people. So that everyone will get bread to eat. If you don't like Peter because he is a Sanguine, you may like to eat from John because he is a melancholy etc. The end result is for everyone to be fed. So there is no excuse why you can't be born again because any type of Church you want is there to suit your needs. If you want to cover your head and wear pencil or baggy trouser as a mode of dressing is all there, no excuse. .

At 50, what do you consider your greatest achievement?
 My greatest achievement is the impact I have made on people. Lives that have been transformed through the word of God.

What are your family and friends going to look forward from you from now on?

My desire is to impact more lives. Because I've understood that the greatest achievement in life is the positive impact you make in people and your world in general and that's all I want to do. I need people who can partner with me to achieve this passion of mine.

I've done a lot without media publications and I'm not interested to even do so now. What happened during my 50th birthday last month encouraged me to know that I'm not really wasting time. So I'm going to do much better now by the grace of God.


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She and her husband impacted wisdom in me. Oluchi Iwuala Isilebo

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Good one mummy. You are excellent I this interview.