Saturday, 2 April 2016


My name is Bright Wonder Obasi. I don’t have any nicknames.

Academic history
I read Chemical Engineering at Federal University of Technology, Owerri and graduated with a second class upper.

Work history?
I worked at Appellate & Visa Services Limited before I went into film making.

I am the Chairman of High Definition Film Studios (HDFS) and High Definition Film Academy(HDFA).

How did you get into acting?
I started acting in church before I got into the university. When I got into the university, I belonged to the school theatre and rose to become the drama director. In 2003 in my third year, I had my first debut titled Little Love Tones.

I came out of the school with a second class upper. I was on first class aggregate until I became very involved with acting in my third year and my grades dropped.

Can you tell us about your films and which one is most tedious and most successful.
My first film was Away From Home, Broken followed and thereafter the Trilogy, Diary of the Triplets.

The most demanding and most successful is broken.

Nollywood has been hailed in some quarters and ridiculed in other quarters. Why is this so?
Nollywood is a growing industry. It has its strengths and weaknesses. Currently, Nollywood is better than before. The industry is growing stronger and bigger.

Nollywood is unique. The major challenge in Nollywood is distribution. Some film producers hardly recoup a quarter of the capital they spent producing a film.

Your company though young has been nominated and actually won awards, how does that make you feel? Has this also put you under pressure?

We have won a total of 10 nominations; 3 wins and 7 nominations. Broken won the Best Nigerian movie 2013, Nse Ikpe won the Best lead actor in the Screen Actors’ Award and Diary of Triplets won the Best Nigerian Comedy Award (BNCA)

Considering that we are only 5 years old, I feel excited that my work is appreciated. It is also a call to responsibility because to whom much is given much is expected. You see yourself obligated to do more quality work that will affect your society positively.

Indeed, the positive and encouraging feedbacks for me is what is more important than the awards.

You started a film school. Very few film companies have bothered about that, why did you think it is necessary?
Film schools are challenging to run. The film culture is not yet in Nigeria.  We are just being introduced to it. For me, I consider myself a kingmaker and the only way anyone can produce kings (good quality actors) is by training them.

Outside this country, established actors have personal coaches.

People must note that whatever we expect from Nollywood cannot be by magic. We have to properly train people so that the next generation will become the dream community that we desire.

More than a business, the HDFA is fulfilling that.

What good is a film school? Some people will argue that you do not need to go to a film school to act well. What is your reaction?
Why do doctors have to study medicine or Engineers, Engineering or lawyers go to law school to become lawyers? If training is good for other professions, then it is also good for acting.

My emphasis is that talent is a raw material. You need the skill to be the best in whatever you want to be.

What are your latest projects and how do you want people to identify with these projects?
I just finished a film Remarkable though yet to be premiered. I am working on a feature film; Unstoppable. I am also looking forward to the debut of Diary of Triplets later in the year.

I also have other projects that are bound to come up in the middle of or later in the year.

What advice do you give to people reading this interview now?
Don’t compromise on your dream and passion for anything in the world for therein lies your happiness.

Who is Bright Wonder and how does he intend to be remembered?
Bright Wonder Obasi is agent of change in the media and film industry who wants to be remembered for the thing he did right and for positively affecting the industry, people and society at large.

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Titi Joseph said...

Bright Wonder is an ocean of inspiration.... I wish him and his purpose a safe landing...God bless you always sir