Thursday, 7 April 2016


At a stage in your life, you might find yourself doing many things that you begin to look like that proverbial Jack of all trades and master of none. Don’t let that bother you because soon very soon, water like they say will find its level.

Somebody asked me what I do, I told her that I do MC, Comedy, Public Speaking, Writing, Publishing, Blogging and also act as Rapporteur . In the future I told the person, I will act in films because I am attending acting classes and I will also present TV programs; am also working on it and hoping that somebody somewhere will recognize my presentation skills and engage me to present a program.

The person in that THIS-IS-NOT-WHAT-THEY-HAVE-TOLD-ME-IN-ALL-THE-MOTIVATIONAL-BOOKS-I-HAVE-READ-MANNER said to me, why don’t you concentrate on one thing.

Well you don’t get angry when you ought to be explaining.

So I said to her, I am a multi-talented person. it might turn out in future that I will concentrate on something but she should see it like this;

An MC does not get jobs all the time same as a comedian same as a public speaker or rapporteur.

Publishing is also once in a while and I am involved in a partnership with Kenechi Uzor that is just working beautifully.

The only constant things which I have to do all the time is blogging and writing. For blogging I assemble a lot of materials beforehand.

For writing, I utilize every spare time to write not in my sitting room but in the proper and best place LIBRARY.

So I go back to my advice; try as many things as possible as you can cope with now. In future, things will take shape and you can concentrate on the one or ones you find most REWARDING in more ways than one.

To answer the second question i posed, i am happy that i blog.  This is going to give me the opportunity to write about  every program i anchor so the world will know about it.

That is going to be an added and free incentive and something anyone will consider when he/she wants to hire me to anchor their program.

I leave you with this question, what special extra are you adding to what you do?

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