Saturday, 2 April 2016


Once upon a time, there was an animal kingdom called Oaz. Unlike other animal kingdoms, this kingdom called Oaz Kingdom had a king who was a tortoise. His name was King Unazi.

Everyone in Oaz kingdom was okay with King Unazi the tortoise being their king. Even Nam the lion was okay with this until he visited a neighbouring kingdom - the Maz Kingdom to see Nimba his close friend.  

When Nam reached there, Nimba welcomed him with open arms. Unknown to Nam, Maz kingdom was having the coronation of their king the next day. Their former king was dead and his son was taking over.

Nam found out about this coronation from Nimba. Nimba told him that the soon to be king, was a lion. Nam was surprised because his king was a tortoise and he thought all kings were tortoises and he told Nimba so.

It was now Nimba’s turn to be surprised because he had gone to almost all the animal kingdoms and all the kings he saw were lions and he also told Nam so.

Nam did not believe him, so Nimba brought out some books and showed him where the writers said the lions are kings everywhere. Nam was not convinced, saying what those writers wrote were not true.

Nimba therefore took Nam on a tour to some neighbouring kingdoms and then he was convinced.

Nam came back to his Oaz kingdom, angry saying that he was supposed to be king, since other kingdoms had lions as kings.

So Nam thought of a plan to make himself king. He decided to get as many followers as possible. He borrowed money from each animal and insects like Mr. Ant who was a billionaire because of his hard work.

Nam soon became rich and began to host animals of all sorts once every week. He also bought gifts for the animals. Through this way, almost all the animals in Oaz kingdom liked him.

Next in his plan, he gathered his many supporters and went to the king’s palace. The king was having lunch with his wives when one of his guards told him that the lion and other animals were waiting to speak to him. King Unazi told him to let them in. The lion came in with only 10 of his supporters.

Nam told the king that he would like Oaz Kingdom to have an election between them to allow the people to choose their king.

King Unazi hesitated because he did not like the thought of not being king again. However he agreed because the lion said that the election will make people believe he was a fair King.

Unknown to King Unazi, Nam already had more followers than him. A date was fixed for the election and it was to hold in the next two days. Meanwhile, King Unazi tried his best to get more followers.

Finally, the election day came. All the animals were kept in the big hall in the palace of King Unazi.

At the end of the election, the lion got the highest number of votes. He and his supporters were very happy. The lion held a big feast in his house that day to rejoice while the former King, King Unazi wondered what went wrong with all of his supporters.

To make sure that lions will be king of animals forever, Naz married 400 wives and gave birth to one million children. The animals in the kingdom suffered in the hands of the lion because he hunted and killed many of them to provide food for his family. But what could the animals do? Nothing. If they tried to fight him, he will kill them and use them the way he desires.

From that time, the Lion became the King of every jungle because in Oaz kingdom, there was always another lion to take over.



Chinedu Obi-Obasi is only 10 but she has read countless number of books. She has a vivid imagination and has a rich diction.

She was the first runner up at the Spelling Bee Competition held by Lyght Consult in 2015.

She has leadership qualities too as she is currently The Head Prefect of her school.

She intends to be a singer and a writer.


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Well done Chinedu

chinyere Obi-Obasi said...

Chinedu says thank you.