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Mystique sighed before she began to talk, ‘you see before, I would have just dismissed it. I know Ebuka loved me once and cared for me. Then due to pressure he left me and married another. I took it in good faith. His presence posturing is selfish. However, I am worried in the way he is behaving. My friend has complained before now, you have also had interactions with him and he keeps sending these text messages that leave me with the impression that one day, he will just kidnap me. Not because he jokingly said but because he is so obsessed with me.’ Mystique said almost in tears.

‘Okay. That makes sense. I think we will take the right steps to report to the police. That am sure will keep your mind at rest,’ Jude said.

‘That is the right thing to do. I don’t want Mystique getting unduly worried because of Ebuka’s antics,’ Jeff said.

Mystique could only nod her head.

Seeing how miserable she was, Jude said to her, ‘look everything is alright. I will never allow any harm to come to you. I will make sure I protect you.
They were still talking when Jeff’s phone rang.
‘Yes. Kweku. How are you?’
Kweku must have said something urgent to him.
Jeff’s demeanor changed. This is serious. I am heading to the airport immediately.

He dropped the phone. ‘O dear, I completely forgot. I have some key investors from Singapore coming in tomorrow. I need to catch a flight to Accra immediately. So Jude, you have to be in charge. I will join you people as soon as I am done. They usually do not stay long.’

‘It is alright,’ Jude said.

He looked at Mystique’s face. She did not appear happy. So he changed his mind, ‘or should I allow my manager deal with the situation while I go with you people to police station.’

‘No.’ Jude and Mystique shouted at the same time. ‘I am man enough. I will go with Mystique to the police station. I am sure her sisters would also want to come. I will call and brief you,’ Jude said.

‘Thanks. Sometimes I feel you are my missing brother in foreign land,’ Jeff said as they laughed.

Drawing Mystique close, he made her rest her head on his chest. ‘I love you dearly. I will be here with you as soon as I can manage the situation. You are in Jude’s safe hands.’

Mystique eyes were clouded. She felt like going with him to Ghana. ‘I wish I can come with you.’

‘You know right now, it is not possible. There is still a lot of things to do here,’ Jeff said.

He lifted his luggage and they walked him to the door. The driver used one of the cars to take him to the airport.

Inside the house, Jude, Mystique and the sisters debated on the way forward.

‘You know as far as I am concerned, Ebuka should be locked up and the keys thrown away,’ Shirley said.

‘For expressing his love towards a woman? Whoever does that? Have you established a criminal case against him?’ Joyce asked.

‘What criminal case?’ Shirley asked. ‘All these phone and texts harassments? Are they not enough?’

‘What did the texts say? I will kill you if you don’t answer me?’ Joyce asked sarcastically. Let us be realistic.

‘Okay. I think we will still go and report to the police. That was the promise I made to Jeff,’ Jude said.

‘Well if you are going Jude, count me out,’ Joyce said.

‘Let us do it this way. Let me call this Ebuka. From the tone of his voice, we will know what is up,’ Jude said.

‘Okay, that sounds reasonable. Let it not be that we are unduly biased,’ Mystique said, thinking of the implication of having Ebuka locked up.

‘Look my friends, we will not lock Ebuka up. We are only going to lodge a complaint at the police station that will force him to behave himself,’ Jude said.

If that is so, Joyce said. We can give it a try for all it is worth. Meanwhile, Jude, please call him and threaten him. Let us hear what he will say.

They sat around as Jude went into the room to bring his phone.  

‘This Ebuka does not know the people he is dealing with. By the time we show him, he will be begging for mercy,’ Shirley said angrily not understanding why they had to call him first.

Jude came back with the phone. They watched him as he began to dial the number. As soon as the phone began to ring, Jude put it on speaker and signaled to them to keep quiet.

‘Hello Jude.’

‘Hi Ebuka. How are you?’

‘Fine,’ Ebuka said.

‘Cool,’ Jude responded, trying hard to make his voice sound not only normal but casual too.

‘Man where you able to tell Mystique about me how I miss her so terribly? Ebuka asked in an emotion laden voice.

Shirley pouted her mouth and shook her head while Mystique and Joyce simultaneously clasped their hands across the chests in a wonders shall never end fashion.

‘I just spoke to Mystique about your desire to have her be your girl but my guy she is deeply committed to this her man and not interested,’ Jude said to him.

‘My guy she can’t say that. That place was my territory. I mean what on earth did i do to her that is so unforgiveable. Please help me beg her,’ Ebuka pleaded, his voice appearing to crack.

‘Guy, you have to be let this thing go. It is not what you did to her. It is just that she is not interested. I know that hurts but then there is nothing you can do about it,’ Jude pleaded with him.

‘I think she is being influenced by her sisters,’ Ebuka said.

Shirley was going to say something when Joyce anticipating that used her hand to block her mouth.

‘Well if she is allowing her sisters to influence her that means she probably agrees with them,’ Jude said very irritated.

‘That is the reason why I begged her to let us meet to talk over this thing once and for all,’ Ebuka said.

‘You know Ebuka, you are treading on dangerous grounds and..,’ Jude began to say before Ebuka shut him down.

‘And you going to kill me, kill me for being in love. Kill me for trying to make my woman come to her senses. Kill me. Have you never been in love?’ Ebuka asked with pain in his voice.

‘That is the point my brother. The woman you are trying to make yours, does not want. Secondly, I have also once loved like you twice but nothing ever came out of it,’ Jude patiently explained.
‘What happened?’ Ebuka asked. ‘Did people convince them to leave you? Did you make a mistake and try to retrace your steps. I want to know my guy what went wrong?’

‘I will tell you. The first one decided she was not going to marry a Catholic and I was not ready to change my faith and the second one went to a place where I will never have access to her; the grave,’ Jude explained to him.

‘Wow. Just like my last wife though it was more a marriage of convenience. The person I have truly loved all my life is Mystique.’

‘Well unfortunately she does not love you like that from what I see,’ Jude responded.

‘I wish we can have a one on one chat so she can say it to me,’ Ebuka said.

‘I don’t think that will make any difference,’ Jude said.

‘Just tell her first. You never can tell. Maybe when she sees me and I explain to her why she has to still want me or tell her about my emotional state, she will understand,’ Ebuka said.

‘No promises because I don’t think it will make any difference,’ Jude said.

‘Just try. You are not Mystique and so should not just make up your mind for her,’ Ebuka hit back at him, ‘or do you want to add Mystique to your wife?’

‘That is very rude of you Ebuka to ever think of such a thing. Your rival is Jeff not me,’ Jude answered him.

Ebuka realised that he has gone too far. ‘I am sorry man. I am just desperate to have my love back.’

‘Ebuka you should realise that you are suffering from obsession and I tell you, don’t live to regret these actions of yours,’ Jeff explained.

‘I am obsessed I agree. Obsessed with marrying Mystique. If that is a crime. I am guilty.’

‘Well if the obsession will lead you to do anything stupid, I am sure the long arms of the law will not allow you to escape, Jude said.

‘You think if I hear long arms of the law, I will leave my pursuit of Mystique. No way. She is my life. The only thing that can save the situation is if she keeps to our Thursday date. At the end I will leave her alone if she still insists that it is all over.’

‘I think Ebuka I am not making any sense to you. Well I warn you in advance. Her family will not fold their hands and allow you make life miserable for her.’

‘They should mind their businesses all of them. They are enemies of progress and enemies of love and they will be ashamed of themselves when they see me and Mystique together enjoying ourselves.’

‘I think it is time I stopped this conversation,’ Jude said.

‘Well suit yourself after all you called me. Tell Mystique, I will be waiting for her on Thursday. Thank you for delivering my message to her. Have a blessed day.

Jude now looked at them. What do you people think we should do?

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