Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Ebuka mocked Jude; no one could mistake the laughter in his voice, ‘well suit yourself after all you called me. ‘Tell Mystique, I will be waiting for her on Thursday. Thank you for delivering my message to her. Have a blessed day.’

‘This Ebuka is really courting trouble and he will get surely it,’ Shirley said.

‘So we have heard from Ebuka. What do we then do?’  Jude asked.

‘I think he is obsessed with you Mystique,’ Joyce said.

‘But this kind of obsession is dangerous,’ Mystique said and I hate it.

‘Let us not waste time at all. We must go to the police station and lodge a complaint,’ Jude said.

‘I think that is the responsible thing to do so they can invite him to the police station and caution him. Foolish man,’ Shirley said, standing up.

‘Let us then go at once. I have a lot of things to do. I don’t want Ebuka to be my only assignment for today,’ Joyce said.

They got into one of Jude’s jeep. All through Mystique was quiet as she listened to Shirley’s outburst.  

They reached the police station and made straight for the DPO’s office. The DPO received them, listened to them and instructed them to make a statement of what happened. Mystique was the one who wrote the statement as the one lodging the complaint of harassment.

The DPO then collected Ebuka’s phone number from Jude and proceeded to call him.

He also put the speaker on and signaled them to keep quiet.

‘Is that Ebuka?’

‘Yes.’ Ebuka’s voice came strong on the phone. ‘My name is Mr. Victor, the DPO of Lekki police station. We have serious complaint against you of assault and we would request your presence at the Lekki police station on Monday by 10am.’

‘Ok Sir. I will surely be there,’ Ebuka said.

‘Let me warn you Mr. Ebuka if I do not see you by 10am on Monday, I will have you locked up. I hope you understand how serious this allegation is?’

‘Yes I do,’ Ebuka answered in a solemn voice.

The DPO then dropped the phone and addressed them, ‘this Ebuka must have an idea of what the complaint is about. From my experience, most people when I call them like that usually get upset or frightened. Your Ebuka except he is bluffing did not even ask why I was inviting him to the police station.’

‘Well that is his cup of tea. Nothing must happen to my sister or I will deal with him,’ Shirley said standing up.

‘I will caution you to take it easy as two wrongs cannot make a right. Besides if you are going to deal with him, why did you come to the police station?’ the DPO said.

‘Sorry DPO, Joyce said. She is just carried away.’

Jude and Mystique added their voices while Shirley simply smiled at the DPO who couldn’t help smiling back.

DPO nodded. In his job, he was supposed to be a peacemaker and outbursts like Shirley did not deter them from doing their jobs. ‘It is okay,’ the DPO said to them. ‘Ladies and gentleman, we will also need your presence to resolve this matter amicably.

As soon as they stepped into the house, Jeff called. He had called while they were in the police station but Jude did not pick up.

Jude told him everything.

Jeff now spoke to Joyce and Shirley before speaking to Mystique. He reiterated his love for her. Told her not to be afraid now that the matter has been formally reported and advised her not to do anything that will compound the situation.

Mystique was crying.

Look, Jeff assured her, ‘I will be with you as soon as I am done in Ghana in a few days’ time.’
Mystique was overwhelmed with gratitude. Such care such graciousness. She considered herself the luckiest woman on earth. Why did she ever waste so much time considering whether to marry Jeff or Ebuka and why was she crying. Everything will surely be alright, she assured herself.

On Monday as early as 9am, they set out to the Victoria-Island Police station. The DPO a very amiable man was on hand to receive them. It was not long that Ebuka came in and immediately he saw them, he frowned. Jude stretched his hand and greeted him.

Mystique felt a tinge of pity for Ebuka. He was outnumbered. They were four; Jude, Shirley, Joyce and herself while he was alone. Mystique wondered why he did not bring somebody along.

The DPO took the statement and gave it to Ebuka. ‘Please I need you to take some time and read this statement. You are also going to respond to it.’

Ebuka took his time to read the statement. He was smiling throughout, sometimes shaking his head like he was amused by the accusation in the statement.

At the end he gave the statement back to the DPO, his gaze fixed on Mystique who unable to take in his gazing lowered her eyes.

‘So you have read it, what do you have to say?’ The DPO asked him.

Ebuka cleared his voice, ‘DPO with all due apologies, I am surprised that you found merit in this statement because I do not see any crime I committed.’

‘There is a crime, Ebuka. It is called stalking and harassing with intent to do bodily harm to Mystique. Let me also add for effects; it is a serious crime that can earn you 14years in the prison.
Following somebody up and down, calling them on the phone when they don’t want to talk to you and sending dozens of text messages to someone who clearly does not want you are pure harassments. Worse when the person is engaged to another. You are lucky these people are law abiding. Others may just decide to take laws into their hands.
Ebuka was shaking his head throughout.
‘DPO, he even had the guts to send threatening texts to her,’ Shirley asked.
Ebuka allowed Shirley to finish talking before making further comments. I love Mystique in a way nobody can ever love her. All I have been trying to do is to make her understand that she was better off with me that with any Ghanaian; whose root is a suspect.’

Ebuka laughed as he made to go close to Mystique to touch her but Shirley shouted on him, ‘don’t just touch my sister.’
DPO, there are certain things to tell you to make you understand what is actually going on between Mystique and I.

Ebuka you have nothing to tell the DPO. Mystique is tired of the relationship. She no longer wants you.  Why is it hard for you to get that into your head?

‘How come you don’t want to get that into your thick skull that Mystique has no interest in you?’ Shirley asked.

Everyone looked at her with anger. ‘Shirley please mind…’ Joyce began before the DPO signaled her to keep quiet.

DPO now signaled Mystique, ‘Madam we are here to solve problems. If you think you have a better way of doing it then you people should leave and settle the matter.’

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