Thursday, 7 April 2016


‘Forget it. I am not sure you would like to know from where,’ Jeff said.

‘Try me,’ Mystique said as she tried to look at his face.

‘Forget it. Just be happy that you are now feeling better,’ Jeff said.

‘What is so special about my question?’ Mystique insisted.

‘Okay let me tell you. Nana taught me. I think she once worked in her sister’s beauty salon and had to massage customers, Jeff said.

Mystique’s face fell though she did her best to conceal it. Jeff however noticed. ‘See my babe is jealous.’

‘I am not jealous,’ she said looking into his eyes as if she was confirming her own assertion.

‘I told you that there was no need for me to tell you how I came about massage. You don’t have a thing to worry about. Yes she taught me but I never got to massage her and she never massaged me more than 5 minutes in a long time. She was too busy with her beauty routines and sexual escapades to remember that there is something called massage,’ Jeff said bitterly.

‘O my God,’ Mystique said. ‘I am very sorry indeed. This is so sad. Never realised she was that mischievous,’ Mystique responded angry with herself for ever being jealous of Nana.

‘Well nothing to be sad about. Immediately I realized she was not ready for marriage, I adjusted quickly and life went on. I was not surprised when the marriage collapsed. That was what she wanted all along,’ Jeff said to her.

Mystique got up, pulled him to the seat and began to work on his shoulders. This was the first time she was trying to massage somebody. She remembered the way the masseurs worked on her. Jeff was grateful as he closed his eyes and felt the light pressure of her hands. Mystique’s heart was filled with love as she thought of how lucky or was it blessed she was to love and be loved by a man so committed to having a good relationship.

After some minutes, Jeff held her hand. He wanted her to stop. Thank you so much. You are good, very good.

He stood up and they faced each other. The love in their eyes was real and gratitude was in them. These were two people giving a chance to love again; rare indeed.

Then the inevitable happened and they began to kiss. Mystique surrendered every form of inhibition as Jeff’s tongue ravaged her mouth. There was no hiding place. She remembered bits of Angela’s story and retaliated. She also sought for opportunity to outdo him. After a time, Jeff stopped. ‘Wow. This is amazing. This is so different, refreshingly different. Where on earth did you learn that?’ Jeff asked.

She laughed, ‘am not telling you.’ She only remembered Angela’s description of lying like a log of wood. She was not wood and was not going to act as one. She was going to be an active participant in everything they will ever do together.’

‘I think we need to leave here before I do what we will both regret,’ Jeff said.

Mystique’s eyes strolled to his trousers as she noticed a bulge. She understood.

‘Let’s go for a swim, then a shower, dinner and we sleep,’ Jeff said.

‘Yes. Yes,’ mystique agreed. She brought out the bikini and swimsuit and he chose the swimsuit that had a low back. She wore a long gown over it and he also wore a pair of swimming trunk.  He also wore a kaftan like gown. They took towels from their rooms as they made their way down to the swimming pool.

There were a couple of people mostly whites. As soon as Mystique pulled off the gown, Jeff observed the men who came with women let out soft, ‘o o’. they loved what they were looking at. Jeff felt a sense of pride as he went close to her and held her slim waist as if he was passing a message of back off to them.

Mystique was unaware of this as she was busy thinking of whether she could still swim as before. Jeff took her to the shallow side. Do you think you can still remember how to swim?

‘I am thinking of it. I am not sure o. it is a long time I ever swam,’ Mystique confessed.

‘That is okay, I bet you, you will remember as soon as you enter the water,’ Jeff assured her.

‘And if I don’t and i..…’ Mystique began.

‘Far from it. You are not drowning anything. Not when I have these muscles. I will be by your side,’ Jeff proclaimed.

She first of all stepped into the water to get acclimatised to it. As soon as her feet touched the water, this wave of relief and love for water that left her with a good feeling swept through her. She looked at Jeff who nodded with understanding. Water was therapeutic and was having the same effect on him. They sat and splashed water with their legs. Jeff looked up and saw one man who was staring at Mystique. He was so carried away that his mouth was open. Lost in thought, he did not notice Jeff staring at him. Jeff decided to be naughty as he spun a surprised Mystique round and planted a kiss on her lips still focusing his eyes on the man who out of guilt looked away. Throughout, the man avoided looking in their direction.

Mystique was surprised at the sudden kiss; Jeff was full of surprises.

Despite Jeff’s assurances, Mystique did not go to the deep end. In the room, Mystique first went in to shower. Jeff waited patiently and in the adjourning room. Mystique wore a short dress that showed off her beautiful legs.

Jeff also took his bath. He wore his shorts and came out bare-chested. Mystique couldn’t help but observe his chest and smiled as she thought of how he will crush anyone who tried to mess with her.

Jeff watched her in the mirror and observed how she looked at him with admiration. He already knows ladies love men with muscular chests. That was work of 5 days a week gym.

Mystique went close and held him from behind. Her arms struggling to cover his chest. At that time everything ceased. They were happy and in their own world.

Mystique and Jeff slept in their usual positions. Jeff slept on the couch while Mystique slept on the bed.

They woke up fresh and dressed up to go back to Lagos.

Mystique begged Jeff to allow her visit her office and from there to the airport.

Jeff was glad to oblige her.

They talked about his business plans and Mystique gave her own views. Yes my Chairman is a gentleman but let there be proper agreement guiding your transaction to the last detail.

Jeff told her that the solicitors will carry out proper due diligence on the Chairman’s company before they went into further business.

Jeff was very happy to have a wife who was interested in his companies. Nana had no head for business or figures and would not hesitate to let you know. She was only interested in the things the money from the businesses can buy not on how you acquire it. How you acquire it, is your headache which she did not want to concern herself with.

Mystique wore a matching pair of shorts and top made from Ankara material. The shorts were above the knee showing off her smooth and straight legs. She also wore a pair of flat slippers to compliment. Her makeup was light and on point.

Jeff looked at her and the love in him for her reached an all high. He went close and whispered behind her ears; ‘how lucky am I to have you in my life.’

Mystique smiled. it is rare to find men expressing their love in such strong terms. This is one other reason why she is happy with Jeff. He was a romantic at heart.

‘I don’t think, you are as lucky as me. God giving me a chance at almost 40 makes me feel I am in a dream,’ Mystique said to him.

‘Come and sit here,’ Jeff said to her patting one of the upholstery chairs.

‘You have to understand something. Marrying late is not a misfortune. You see we all have different destinies. A lot of people born the day you were born are dead. Some did not go to school while others are married and divorced or married with no children or even one child. God’s plans for us differ. Growing up, I detested divorce with my whole life. Divorce was something I promised myself I would never engage in but see me today. I am a divorcee but about to marry the most beautiful and intelligent woman on earth.’

‘Mystique I make a promise to you. You will be fulfilled and you will be happy. God made you wait for me.’

‘I am worried that I might not be able to give you a child.’

‘I want to also tell you that you will have a child or children of your own. Medical science has made that possible. We have many ways today that people can have children, IVF, Surrogacy and adoption.’

‘Look into my eyes, Mystique if I wanted younger women, I would have had them but I want you and you alone.’

Mystique was overwhelmed with gratitude. ‘Now let me also tell you something; promise me you will never ever bring up your age again ever before me,’ Jeff said to her.

Mystique wanted to laugh but seeing the seriousness in his eyes and the way he did not allow her to blink, she nodded.

‘Well if you say anything about your age to me again, do you know what you want me to conclude?’

Mystique shook her head.

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