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Charles O'Tudor despite not having reached the age of 50 has achieved so much as a brand strategist, public speaker and businessman, public speaker, commentator and role model. He has given lectures on branding.  His commentaries have been cited by authors and made as reference points.

He is the Principal Consultant of ADSTRAT Branding Management Consortium.
This achiever obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Jos and is an alumnus of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where he bagged Certificates in Management and Measuring Organizational Strategies, Product Strategy and Brand Management. 

He had a fruitful career in many firms:  Shops Bankole Sagie Advertising, Explicit Communications and Solutions before setting up his own ADSTRAT BMC.
His company has handled accounts of brands that cut across construction, aviation, fashion, telecommunications, banking, furniture, entertainment, education, hospitality and pharmaceutical industries. 

He anchored the Bank PHB-sponsored show, the Intern TV Show, the first ever business reality TV show in Nigeria. 

O'Tudor is the brain behind BrandsArise, "a social emancipation initiative anchored on the philosophy that when individuals rise, their communities will rise and ultimately the nation will rise". 

He has handled many sensitive projects won several awards, some of them are; Member of the Lagos State Health Advocacy Implementation Committee of Lagos State, won Cross River State's pioneer 'Out of Home Media Project.'  entered the Junior Chamber International Hall of All Time Fame of Exemplary Leaders, Brand Consultant of the Year Award, CITY People Magazine, member of the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race Marketing Committee and Chairman of its Sub Committee on Brand Strategy, Marketing and Advertising and member, Board of Judges, The Future Awards among others.

O’Tudor is a ‘proud’ Christian and married with kids.

He changed his trademark look when he shaved his dreadlocks for which he had been known for decades. 

His interview has thrown light to a lot of issues on branding and related subjects.
You Are A Respected Brand Specialist, What Does Branding Mean?
Branding is the application and utilisation of strategies that creates a compelling imagery for a product or service in the psyche of consumers.

A Lot of People Claim To Be Brand Specialists, Who Are Brand Specialists?
A set of individuals schooled in the rudiments and science of brand building and projection. Who also beyond academic qualification have the practical experience in brand building across different sectors.

Nigeria Needs Branding, Do You Think We Are Going About It The Right Way?
There is need to go back to the basic. Beyond the identity, behaviour and language we need a mindset change. Buy-in must also be from the top down.

You Recently Championed A Cause On Ibinabo Fiberesima. Why Did You Take That Up?
I have always believed in social emancipation. Brands and Brand Building encapsulates both corporate and individual brands. Christ preached about forgiveness. As a Christian My brand also believes in forgiveness and the propagation of second chances.

People Talk About The Youths Of These days. How Different Are They Really From The Youths Of Yesteryears?
The present youths are more discerning and forward looking. They are Knowledgeable and I.T driven.

What Tools Do You Think A Young Person Needs To Achieve All His dreams?
He needs more access to information and technology.

What Would You Want To Be Remembered For?
I want to be remembered as a man of 1 wife, a Christian, a Thinker, a Strategist that propagated brands and branding and innovative thinking and an Innoventor.

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