Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Sometime ago, I spent a lot of time talking to a facebook friend. She tried to run her line of business through me. I patiently listened.

However, I observed one thing, she had got to that unfortunate point where you believe that the Market is saturated and all the strategies you want to adopt had been adopted by someone and therefore you were late and it won’t work.

Can this be true? Is it possible that there is nothing new you can bring to the table?

Unfortunately I find it hard to buy into that logic or story or stand.

My mother of blessed memory would say to me when she was alive, ‘my darling daughter, there is a way out of every problem, look for it.’

I believe God gave us brain to use to think out solutions to our problem.

In my yet to be released book, I said, ‘God cannot help any man who says nothing can be done.’

The reason is because; the person has automatically shut down the part of the brain that would have found a way out of the problem.

No matter how fixated you are with your notion; you must fight (yes. I mean really fight) to discard what you think and have an open mind that would soak in ideas.

I don’t think people no matter who and by what name they go by can help you the way you really want them to.

If you go to a consultant now, it is the information that you give him that he works with.

I recall that we used to ‘yab’ consultants then. Don’t mind them; earning all that money for nothing. It is still the same us that give them the information they need and they use. What new thing are they bringing to the table?

Think out of the box and once an idea to do something innocuous or below your status comes; do not refuse to do it. That might well be where the solution and millions lie.

The man who started the mobile toilets used in party venues who became stupendously wealthy as a result would not have started the business if he considered many things. He was the first to start this business.

In one of the interviews he granted, he told of how a piece of shit flew or almost flew into his mouth.

The one thing I always think is; how do I make a difference?

It is no news that I started blogging. One of my main aims of blogging is to blog about events I anchored or attended.

I reasoned and I have begun to do that, that it would be a good idea for me to anchor an event and later blog about it in a bid to advertise it.

What this means is that anybody inviting me to anchor his/her program will have the advantage of the event being blogged with lots of pictures- free of charge.

This for me is that total package that in future will make people decide to use me for their programs.

Every time I am thinking of what I do, I am thinking how to make it better and different from the others. However this is not easy. I just have to find a way to think out of the box.

For you out there, there are many things yet to be done by anyone; only thinking out of the box can assist you. Therefore, start thinking!

God bless us and bless our hustles.

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