Thursday, 3 March 2016


I always advise people to be bold in making their requests because the answer will either be a yes or a no. there is no word like yesno.

And you never know what the answer will be unless you ask.

I went to drop somebody at the motor park. I met this motor park tout who directed me on how to park my car. He looked dirty and smelt of Indian Hemp. He however had a friendly disposition.

As I navigated my car into a small space, he came up to me and asked, ‘Mummy do you need a driver?’

I politely responded that I did not need one.

I expected him to go away but he did not. He came closer and complimented me; ‘Mummy idi uto’ literarily interpreted to mean ‘you are sweet.’

‘Can I bring something for you to drink or eat?’ he asked me.

Amused I said no.

Obviously not accepting any of my nos, he asked me, ‘Mummy can we be friends?’

I shouted, ‘I pity you o. My husband is an army general.’ Of course I was joking.

‘Mummy, it does not matter since we are both mature.’

I ignored the guy and continued to wait for my young friend who went into the park to buy her ticket to come out and tell me I can go. She eventually did and I drove away.

All the way home, I pondered on how this guy barely illiterate could have the guts to ‘chat’ me up.

Yet you see graduates who cannot approach people to make their requests because they are afraid of receiving a no which they consider a big embarrassment.

No matter how highly placed an individual is, feel free to walk up to them and tell them what you want.

Always remember that the word yesno does not exist in the dictionary. It is either they respond with a yes or no and you never know which it will be until you try!


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