Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Roles of Pastors Case Study: Pastor Tony Rapu Of This Present House And Dr Ada Igonoh The Ebola Survivor

I believe that to be Pastor is a calling. It is demanding but the Lord who called you will make a way for you.

The fact of the matter is that pastors need to be more involved in the personal happenings of the members of the church whether they are rich or poor or troublesome or not.

If your member who is poor suddenly comes into so much wealth still doing the same business he is doing, you need to call him and interrogate him.

If a member is no longer wearing the smiles he usually wears, you need to call him and interrogate him with a view to helping him. You do not leave the young men and women alone only to wield the big hammer when they fall. You must have personal meetings with them.

You must be accessible to your members.

Every job in this world has its pros and cons. As the pastor enjoys gifts and prestige, he should be ready to fast and counsel and teach and do everything for long hours without shouting I am human. In law we say you take the assets and liabilities of a company you are acquiring.

There are pastors who understand that they are truly shepherds of the flock.

A case in point is the story of Ada, the Ebola victim who later recovered from it.

The Christians would have described the experience as ‘passing through the shadow of death.’

Everybody was hailing Ada and hailing God for healing her but few people spared a thought for the Pastor who assisted in no small measure to make the walk easy for her.

The Pastor’s name is Dr. Tony Rapu. For this singular thing he did, I said if I ever have to live in Lagos I probably would have joined his church.

From Ada’s status at her work place, it is obvious she is a young doctor who is not one of the moneybags (financial pillars) in church.

All Tony Rapu would have done the first time he spoke to her was to pray over the phone with her and feel discharged of his obligation. In the prayer, he would have casually said to her, ‘it is well with you and no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper,’ and thereafter moved on to another thing.

But from Ada Igonoh’s personal account he did not. He was in the detention or quarantine centre with her spiritually till the end.

I quote verbatim from ADA IGONOH’S ACCOUNT OR REPORT;
‘I drank the ORS fluid like my life depended on it. Then I got a call from my pastor. He had been informed about my predicament. He called me every single day morning and night and would pray with me over the phone. He later sent me a CD player, CDs of messages on faith and healing, and Holy Communion packs through my husband……..’

‘My pastor, who also happens to be a medical doctor, encouraged me to monitor how many times I had stooled and vomited each day and how many bottles of ORS I had consumed. We would then discuss the disease and pray together……’

He asked me to do my research on Ebola since I had my iPad with me and told me that he was also doing his study. He wanted us to use all relevant information on Ebola to our advantage. So I researched and found out all I could about the strange disease that has been in existence for 38 years. My research, my faith, my positive view of life, the extended times of prayer, study and listening to encouraging messages boosted my belief that I would survive the Ebola scourge.’

‘My pastor and I would discuss these findings, interpret them as it related to my situation and pray together. I looked forward to his calls. They were times of encouragement and strengthening. I continued to meditate on the Word of God. It was my daily bread……..’

‘I suddenly developed a severe fever. The initial fever had subsided four days after I was admitted, and then suddenly it showed up again. I thought it was the Ebola. I  discussed it with my pastor who said it could be a separate pathology and possibly a symptom of malaria. He promised he would research if indeed this was Ebola or something else. He later informed me it was malaria. ‘

‘On my 10th day in the ward, the doctors having noted that I had stopped vomiting and stooling and was no longer running a fever, decided it was time to take my blood sample to test if the virus had cleared from my system. I called my pastor. He encouraged me and we prayed again about the test.’

Need i add more? Once a pastor has been intimated of a situation, he must not stop being interested until the whole problem is over. Remember as pastor, you take both assets and liabilities.

But I have one encouraging word for every pastor. The good Lord who called you for this assignment will make every grace abound and available to you. Amen.


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