Saturday, 5 March 2016


‘Doctor what is happening to me?’ she asked with tension in her voice. Am I going to be alright?’ She asked her eyes filled with tears. She had so much to tell him, do everything within your power to make sure I live. I want to celebrate with my husband and our friends. I want to live and my baby to live also.’

The words though playing on her lips were buried inside the recesses of her mind. She thought of the saying that only God knows the intention of man. 

‘Madam you would be alright. I assure you but your baby....’

She interrupted him, ‘my baby what about my baby?’

‘He has a heart condition which makes it impossible for her to breathe well and in future the heart condition would affect her breathing, her studies and her ability to play with other children.

Our concern madam is you we want to make sure you are alright because as a young woman you can always have many other children.’

He bent his face towards hers as he said the last sentence. His eyes appeared to her like two big unripe and tasteless water melons. She shut them to blot away the image. The eyes made her uncomfortable.

The next time she opened them the doctor had gone back to his former position. He looked dangerous all of a sudden.

‘My baby doctor. Nothing must happen to my baby.’ She said her voice growing stronger though not as strong as she desired. She wanted to say more but mightier hands seemed to pin her to the bed, weighing her down and thus affecting her every faculty.

It suddenly hit her; I have not touched my baby. She motioned to the doctor with her right hand, clenching and opening her fists twice before giving up. It was a lot of effort. ‘Doctor please give me my baby, let me hold her for a little while in my hands. Who know…’

‘Madam I don’t think it is a good idea.’

She wanted to shout on him what is the bad idea in holding a baby I carried for nine months and laboured for almost 24hours to have. No matter how strongly she felt voicing her opinion, the words stuck in her throat like glue on a sealed envelope.

She sighed and shook her head.

‘Doctor, please let me hold her, who knows my body warmth can help,’ she said hitting the side of her bed gently indicative that she wanted the baby dropped there. Her spirit was suddenly excited at the thought of touching her baby. She fought to remain conscious.

The doctor looked at the woman standing beside him for guidance. He had thought they would just come in and slip away. The woman nodded. He took the baby and placed beside her exactly where she indicated. Unable to turn fully or stand up, she felt the baby stir beside her. She couldn’t do more than turn her neck slightly a very frustrating experience.

‘Doctor she has my birth mark on her chest was the only thing,’ she could say then. Much later she remembered that the baby was not breathing erratically the way the doctor had described her breathing.

‘Interesting! Madam I think it is time you rested because you are obviously tired. The matron would give you your injection.’

The doctor bent down quickly and collected the baby. It was then she took more than the passing glance at the matron.  She suddenly didn’t feel like taking another injection, what was the injection? She felt like asking, the one you gave me put me in this semi unconscious state and you are still talking of another one. Do you want to kill me?’ But it was a hopeless situation because she couldn’t do more in her present condition. Only tears fell freely from her eyes. ‘My husband! My Husband! Where is he doctor?’ She asked. She felt like a freshly recruited bull fighter who were pushed into the arena unprepared, facing two bulls.

 The two standing before her were the two bulls while she was the totally unprepared and inexperienced bull fighter who has discovered that there was no way she would win the fight.

The doctor had the baby in his hands. ‘Nothing to worry about. Your colleagues who were here this morning assured us that he would be back from his tour the day after tomorrow.’

‘I feel so lonely and afraid.’ She wouldn’t have loved to tell the doctor because the doctor and the nurse beside him were the reasons why she felt that way but what option did she have.

Her mother was yet to come, her husband traveled and none of his friends nor their wives was around. She didn’t like the drowsy way she has been feeling right from when she put to bed particularly after the injection to relax her nerves. Not fully recovered, they are about to give her another injection. For what? She wondered.

As the matron came close and placed the injection tray on the side table and took out the syringe, lifted it and pushed it up and down causing a little to sprout out and grimaced. Angela  shut her eyes as if with that it would stop the matron from giving her the injection. It was just as well because she didn’t witness the iron cast face of the matron who performed her job dispassionately.

Angela abandoned thoughts of herself and prayed for her baby. ‘My Lord, please don’t let me lose my baby,’ before she slipped back into unconsciousness.

The two watched her as she shook her head left and right in a drowsy manner and finally stopped it on the side where they stood.   

Smiling at each other, the matron moved to the edge of the bed, took the bed sheet at the foot of the bed and covered her legs. Done, they marched away silently with measured steps exactly the way they had come in. The baby stirred a bit in his hands but the doctor pushed it closer to him, clinging  onto it like he got wind of information that someone was on his way to snatch the baby from him.

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