Friday, 4 March 2016


Our dear husbands,
We greet you. We thank you for finding us worthy to share your homes and your lives with you. We are happy to the mothers of your children. We consider it a privilege though sometimes it appears to you that we do not.  

We are happy because only your gene and our own genes would have combined to give us the lovely children that we have.

We appreciate all that you are going through and all that is happening around you. As women, we do not only discuss fashion and food. We are also concerned with the economic meltdown.

We are mindful of how is it affecting your income and making you appear hopeless and sad when you cannot do the things you want for us and our home; change our cars, send the children on holidays abroad, move us to our own home possibly a duplex instead of renting and squatting.

You think every time we ask for money, we do not understand the times are like this. We do understand and that is why our demands these days are limited to just what we need. Of course of late we have stopped all those loud parties that made the world exciting. Was it not our 20th wedding anniversary that passed by without a big party, ‘owambe’ to march it?

But now you know that we are no longer just there watching you pine alone and suffer. We are also working and throwing all we have into the mix to make the family great.

Is that why you do not recognize the new clothes we bought for the children? The new curtains we changed to give our home the fresh look? The fresh fish white soup we cooked to welcome you home the last time you traveled. O did you think it was that fifty thousand Naira that you left and went away for 5 weeks.

Was that why when you saw the curtain in the house, you did not appreciate them and the time it took to put them together. We gave you the white soup and after eating you did not say common thank you because you think it was too spicy for you? Was it why you did not think that our new hair styles were not nice?

As soon as you left, your children came home with all kinds of demands. Infact the assignment of one of your daughters involved carpentry work. Since the second week, we have been taking care of the family with money drawn from our different accounts.

We know what it is happening. To you cars, rents, etc are the big deal and anything outside it was nothing.

No do you remember the trips to Shoprite and Silverbird? Well, all those trips cost us thousands. You consider them to be waste. They are not. They are memories. Yes, despite the economic hardship we must give these children happy memories.

Our dear husbands, you are not the only ones suffering from this economic meltdown. It is hitting us more. The money you give can no longer do so much. We have been forced to learn new crafts in old age just to assist you.

But how do you reciprocate? By shouting that we had stayed out too late when you needed to understand that the new catering business involved staying out late sometimes.

You could have stopped just in time to spare a thought for how we were faring and doing?

Did it occur to you that since it was a Saturday and you were not doing much that you could have escorted us to the venue and maybe found a way to contribute for in ensuring that all went well?


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