Thursday, 10 March 2016


I woke up this morning and I was so heavy laden. 

A friend of mine and I gisted and we talked about many friends who were not happy in marriage, labouring under all kinds of abuse worse of all verbal and attitudinal abuses.

I am the kind of person that counsels people to be patient but some of these situations are pitiable and sad.

A man has no money and he is nice, calm and prayerful. He respects his wife and everyone around him and boom, he becomes rich and the same wife becomes a door mat. Should women pray for their husbands not to be rich?

If their husbands are not rich, that is another problem again. Poverty stinks to the high heavens.

What is wrong with the men?

For the men who are adulterers, what exactly are they looking for?

For the men who are not just adulterers but parading these women before their wives, tell me for what purpose is that?

For the men who have practically concluded arrangements to take second wife, for what purpose is that.

As I write this piece I am crying real crying.

Why would a woman spend years praying for this intentionally mean man to change and after over ten years when he is spent and tired and comes back home begins to rejoice that he has changed?

Men what is wrong?

Why in the first place did you marry your wife?

Some men by their actions want their wives to die of broken hearts. Instead of that why don’t you under any guise kick her out so she can be free and be able to say, I did not want to leave, he kicked me out.

Is there a way of knowing bad men?

Some of these men, we knew them as nice.

Whatever happened along the way?

I have spent the night tossing and turning.
Why. Why. These women can be your sisters or your children?

Why? What is it in money that changes men that turns their hearts into granites?

What is it that is beating drums for you?

If women begin to leave in droves because of maltreatment of all shapes and sizes, how many marriages do you think will remain?

Please enough of conferences for women please start organizing conferences for men. A lot of them need these lectures of how to treat your women. How not to allow money derail your home?

You meet a man; he is nice. He displays gentleman’s qualities but at home, he is a devil incarnate. Nice to strangers and mean to their wives? Haba. What is it? What have you seen that nobody has seen? What kind of vagina is that, that has turned your head? What kind of money is that? Are you as rich as who? As Dangote or Bill Gates?

I am sad, am sad. Nobody deserves to be maltreated men or women.

God help my children and help our children.

My heart is broken.

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