Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Creating a Joke is not a Joke!

Read the concluding interview for Moran Cee; a young man full of ambitions. He is brilliant and hardworking; a powerful combination designed to take anyone to the top.

There are several projects in our kitty but I would discuss two. I entered into the Standup comedy scene to Compliment the efforts of the Elder and younger practitioners and never to compete.

To bring innovations and create platforms for others despite the fact that I'm yet to become mega. Following this, I have scheduled two major Novel projects namely COMEDY COURT STUDIO FREESTYLE and COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR.

The Studio freestyle is aimed at helping Standup Comedians record their Jokes as singles at selected studios in Lagos at subsidized rates and use different means to promote the works as Musicians do. The promotion arrangements have been concluded. This is the first of its kind in the history of Nigerian stand up Comedy. As time goes many would want to replicate this project. Comedians' original single jokes can earn them popularity so they can also "blow" like musicians.

While COMEDY COURT BAR TOUR is a promo tour to selected classy bars/Relaxation spots where the Chief Judge of Comedy Court would be deciding cases and calling creative Comedians to the BAR so they can use laughter to prosecute and sentence Frustrations, Sadness, Depressions etc. It would feature Music, Comedy and Dance.

Many Bars nominated are showing interests to host us. Our definition of Bar in Comedy Court is a BAR filled with drinks where people come to share happiness. We only promote laughter and happiness not drunkenness. Our doors are open for Sponsorships and participation.

I am an advocate of originality and preach it. It gives me goose pimples whenever I see people's ideas or projects used without acknowledging them.

In the Comedy Industry because we are yet to have strong regulations and documentations of cases (jokes), many practitioners climb the stage and use other's materials. When the owners complain they are shunned because they lack sufficient evidence to prove ownership. I must say this, 99.9% of online circulated jokes don't have ownership trace and only very few fans know a Comedian that owns a particular joke. This is the reason a Comedian can perform someone's jokes and still get applause from the audience. Creating a Joke is not a Joke!

It is not a crime to do a cover of a popular joke but maturity and professionalism requires a Comedian to Reference or Quote the owner. I am promoting the #ReferenceAComedian #QuoteAComedian campaign. THE WAY FORWARD Comedy Practitioners like Musicians should document their works either in published Writing, Recorded audio (Singles or Albums) or Recorded videos and kept as evidence and register it with the Copyright Commission.

Also the Comedy industry has grown to a stage we should have a functional regulatory Association to collect subscriptions, maintain list of membership and works, Set Codes of Ethics and practice and resolve disputes.

 Our Senior Comedy Advocate and Comedy God-Father Akpobome Atunyota AKA Alibaba in his fatherly wisdom, has been helping to resolve disputes in the past if not, by now, Comedians could have been rehearsing boxing and going to events with gloves in case.  The issue may escalate to that.

This is one of the reasons I initiated the STUDIO FREESTYLE to enable practitioners record hit joke singles with their names registered in the audio. Younger Comedians frown at Open mics or talent hunts now because they see it as avenue through which established acts steal their original jokes with style, leaving them low, frustrated and dry. Their fading hopes can be revived with our STUDIO FREESTYLE and the BAR TOUR project. We need stakeholders supports and cooperation.


Many accomplished professionals from other fields are going into comedy now because the perception of Comedians being the no-do wells in the past have changed and most people have recognised the importance of pursuing dreams and passions in Comedy no matter years it took them for such decisions.

Anyone going into Comedy must first be convinced that he or she has creative talent for Comedy, there is no other way to it. No job is as difficult as making an average Nigerian to forget his or problems and Laugh because here we are stingy with Laughter but we are coming up.

Also we must always recognise the Efforts of ALIBABA for rebranding the Stand Up Comedy and the efforts of other Senior Comedy Advocates like AY, Julius Agwu, Basketh Mouth, Gbenga Adeyinka D 1st, Gordon, Gandoki etc for their numerous contributions. People are proud to add Comedians with boldness to their Profiles.

Hehehe yes I am not a full legal practitioner. I have a stint in Law. I studied and also teach Business Law, have represented different Professors of Law in some projects but Chose to practice on the funny side of the Profession by calling myself self to BAR with drinks through COMEDY COURT to prosecute and sentence depressions, frustrations etc with Laughter. My practice has been endorsed by Professors of Law, Judges, SANS, Law students, and other Legal luminaries. They are impliedly called to COMEDY BAR. Can you see that I'm in Active Practice. Laughter is a universal Language. Hehehe

Education is important. Not going to school to acquire certificates but skills and competence to be applicable on life situations. They should identify, hold on to their passion and through hard work, hone it into a Profession without losing focus and finally, they should not joke with the God factor for direction, inspiration and ultimate Connection for a fulfilled career. I REST MY CASE! #IRMC

Thank you Moran Cee for this inspiring interview. I know everyone reading this has been adequately challenged to continue to reinvent him or herself.

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