Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Dear Maureen,

I hope you have digested the first part of my letter. I am continuing with part two.

Now Maureen how many times do you spend thinking. Thinking about your life? Thinking about the things you should do, to give your life meaning. Thinking of the past and how to use the lessons learnt to better your future. Do you know it is only when you think that you can get solutions to the problems facing you. The thinking I am talking about is not to wallow in self-pity.

It is not the time to remember that your father was not as wealthy as the movers of shakers of this world. Many of the children of such persons have amounted to nothing.

It is not time to remember that you were not as beautiful as Miss World.

It is not the time to wallow in self-pity because of any deficiency whatsoever because a lot of people with worse backgrounds than you have turned to do something wonderful with it. They have been able to rise about those limitations and gone on to become great men in future.

Don’t tell me to list them. You Google them yourself. People that were told because they were dyslexic, they won’t amount to much in life? People that were so dull? Do you know what happened? Those people during their moments of solitude told themselves; the doctor’s report is bad. Yes my family might be poor; I might be this but surely I am going to rise above that. I am going to make it.

I tell you Maureen, those who never have moments of solitudes and sober reflections always make rash decisions. They are the ones who will stand up and walk away from a dying husband. They are the ones who will just wake up pack their bags and leave the country and several years down the line live in regrets. They are the ones who will never give ear to people’s advice.  
The next set of people who do well are those who research on everything they are told. They are the people who do not want to be bound by what somebody or people said. They are the ones you will tell let us go to Spain. I heard that there is money on the streets. They will decide to ask questions whether that is true or they will use the internet to find out. (How lucky you are that you have information at your fingertips now.) If they research properly, they will discover that money is not picked on the streets neither is it that easy to become a citizen.

The successful man researches a lot on the things he thinks he already knows and the ones he is yet to know. In short, Mau Mau, with information nobody can deceive you.

Maureen, I want you to work hard to escape poverty. I know it is not only hard work that makes you rich but it is one cardinal point that you need to work hard too. Success is said to be opportunity meeting preparation.

When you are poor, it is easy to point accusing fingers at those who are well off and not spreading the wealth around. However, there is one important question you have failed to ask yourself and address, ‘why am I poor in the first place.’

could it be because I am in the wrong profession?

Could it be because I am not doing what I have a passion for?

could it be because I am not saving and investing?
could it be because I have not factored in having multiple streams of income?
Answers to this questions can help you get out of poverty.
There is something I know, working in your areas of strength gives you an edge more than trying to correct your weaknesses.

The world was created in such a way that when we all work in our area of strength, everyone has something to bring to the table.

in your area of strength you struggle less and you also work harder because you are doing something you have the grace for.

Maureen imagine working in the bank as a teller when you have problems with figures?

Imagine trying to be an actress when you have difficulty memorizing lines and can’t stop laughing?

Think on these Maureen until I do you the next letter.

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