Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I just enrolled for acting classes. It is not just an ordinary acting class but a very intensive one.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first day. When our teacher a consummate producer and award winning one for that matter Bright Obinna Wonder had to go over the things he taught us to a latecomer, I sought for his permission to take the recap so he could rest his mouth a bit.

He listened and at the end, he said, I missed nothing before giving that teacher’s final touch or wrapping up.

When I told my daughter when she called that I was taking acting classes, she simply said, ‘that is nice.’

This is probably because they know me as one who will wake up and acquire a new skill that would enhance my career development. They are never surprised!

While I was reading my second reading – law, I intensified my writing. During that time aside from fiction, I wrote for newspapers and magazines. I later attended a couple of workshops the most prominent being that of Chimamanda Adichie. I also attended one held by Bernadine Evaristo courtesy of British Council and if ever I have an opportunity to attend another I would.

I also later went to Ebedi Residency and spent 6 weeks writing.

While working in the law firm, I deliberately enrolled in weekend computer training. This was at the time that very few people had computers. Computer then was a novelty. I did not want to be left behind. So after going to work (most of it was spent on transit from one court to another), on Saturday, I went for my computer lessons.

There was no urgency for this skill as we had a secretary but it happened that when I got a job in the bank, the first question they asked me which could have disqualified me if I had answered in the negative was whether I was computer literate.

In the bank, I attended a course on how to produce drinks and Vaseline and did produce my own brand of Vaseline before I called it quits to contrite on my work. I am sure with my knowledge, I can go back to making Vaseline any day any time.

When I began to get dissatisfied with the bank, I decided to follow my passion of becoming many things chief of which was MC. The first thing I did was to attend presentation course in Lagos for 6 weeks. It was done with great discomfort. I stayed in two houses and at a point had to use the BRT buses to reduce the high cost of transportation.

One day, without any prompting, I got an acting role. It was just like that. We are yet to start though. It was surprising to me but to those who know me, they were not surprised. I am a very demonstrative person. I demonstrate whatever I am talking about and when you are gisting with me, I create scenarios and act them out. In church I act and a lot of people get disappointed when they don’t find me acting.

I said to myself before this film is shot and before I begin to get roles left, right and centre (allow me to dream), why don’t I get trained in acting by professionals and yesterday I began the first acting lesson and I learnt so much.

-       The success of any good actor is if he can impress the deaf and mute with his body expressions or body language and the blind with his voice.

-         To be a successful actor, you must enjoy or experience these techniques; relaxation, observation, concentration and breath control

-         Most importantly no one pays to watch a comfortable actor. Actors who get recognized are NOT those who do comfortable roles.

I will stop here. If you want to know more, join us in our Abuja classes and you will not regret it. Remember no knowledge is wasted.

What is this piece about? I have done more things that I wrote here to invent and reinvent myself. No matter what happens, don’t stop reinventing yourself.

I went to a cosmetics factor in Ivory Coast and the manager said to me, we have over 1000 products. They could have just stopped when they got one product that the market wanted but no, they continued to produce more and more. I am sure today they recognize their moving products and produce those more.

My people that you are acquiring skills does not mean that you are losing focus. It only helps to make you realize the best and the one you should give more attention to. Besides one skill can assist the other skill and give you more mileage.

As MC who has a blog, my writing skill helps me to blog about the events I am a part of.

Don’t look at age because if you do, you will be discouraged from doing many things. Just  tell yourself, I need to learn this skill before I die and do  learn it. I am sure it will not be a bad idea to have someone play Patience Ozokwor’s kind of roles, so the poor woman can take a break- just kidding!

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