Friday, 18 March 2016


Somebody called me to tell me about something nasty he was going through. The way he sounded, the particular experience he was passing through was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

I know that every problem that has a beginning must come to an end someone day but how do I present it to this guy in a manner that he will appreciate. That was when this phrase; AND IT CAME TO PASS jumped into my spirit.

I told the gentleman confidently that he should not worry; soon, sooner than he knows it, the problem shall come to an end.

How did this phrase jump into my mind? It was the phrase that helped me through the nine months period. I got pregnant soon after getting married. It was something entirely new to me. I still experienced vomiting early in the morning, spitting all day and sometimes headache with other discomforts coming as the baby grew in the womb.

When I complained, a lot of people said to me that my case was not as bad as some peoples’.

At that time, I was practicing law and the first thing I wanted to do was resign and wait out the pregnancy period.

It was worsened by the fact that I sometimes had to use public transportation to go about my business.

Very close to my law office was a woman who used to sell assorted fruits. She had a long bench and as soon as I got down from any vehicle I was in, carrying my heavy bag containing my wig and gown, file and law books, I made my way to the bench.

I would first drink a bottle of cold water. Then I had her peel oranges for me which I took eagerly. After that I ate either pawpaw or pineapple or water melon.

After I had sufficiently rested and refreshed, I complained  to her about the discomfort I was going through.

Her first reaction would ALWAYS be to laugh and say to me,  ‘you know my friend; the bible said AND IT CAME TO PASS. Surely you are not going to be pregnant forever, one day soon, very soon, you will give birth and you will look back at this period and be grateful to God that you did not resign or quit’.

I loved the fact that she did not choose to go the way of some mean people who would ask, if I was the first woman to be pregnant in this world or tell you about some younger women or school children who went  through pregnancy and childbirth effortlessly.

Rather, this woman who had big children was most kind. She would encourage me and assure me that soon, very soon, it would be all over and I can be free again.

And it happened that after nine months I delivered safely.

So I bring a message of hope to somebody labouring under any condition whatsoever, that they need not fret. For one day, they will wake up and discover that all they ever worried about have been taken care of BECAUSE EVERYTHING SHALL COME TO PASS SOMEDAY.

Do you believe this?

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Lilifeys' said...

This is one fact we have to live with as human beings; that there would always be one kind of problem or another. I have come to the conclusion that, that is life. But the good news is that every problem has an expiring date and vanishes. IT MUST COME TO PASS! That is the truth my sister. Well done!