Sunday, 28 February 2016


A lot of people are groaning under the weight of economic hardship. People are carrying long faces and thinking of how to make ends meet. They are trying to grasp what is happening to the Nigerian economy and wondering how the politicians can use their exalted positions to help them.

Listening to people, it is all gloom and misery. In all, I never hear any words of gratitude escape their lips. Do we really have anything to cheer about when prices of items are skyrocketing in the market? Is it not a miracle that we have not all perished from hardship and hunger? 

However, I insist that in the midst of all the difficulties of life, we really do have a lot to cheer about. That we are alive is a miracle. We must always look inside to find those reasons that will make us express a deep gratitude to God no matter the state of our pocket or our inability to achieve everything we have dreamt of in life.

Not being married is not an excuse to be miserable since there is so much you have going for you.

I have a single friend who was moaning to me that she was not married. She told me the history of all her relationships and wondered why none of them has materialized into marriage.

I began to counsel her to be patient. I wanted to know if she had any problem apart from being unmarried. She said she didn’t.

I know this friend of mine very well. Let us consider her case. She is alive ‘as in alive’ like my first daughter will say for emphasis sake. She is beautiful and still attracting admirers. She has a well-paying job. She has family that loves her. She has many loyal friends; me inclusive (wondering why I am praising myself?) etc.

I ended my analysis by telling her to focus more on the things going on well for her and ignore the fact that she was not married. One day I assured her, she was going to get married.

I sincerely believe it and I will be alive to play a big role in the wedding.

Find the things going for you and be grateful for them.


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