Saturday, 27 February 2016


Men and women have always continuously x-rayed the word FEMINISM. The funny thing is that different people have different interpretations as to what it means.

As a Christian, I am going to make my contributions based on the bible. The bible gave these injunctions;

1.   Man you must love your wife and treat her like she was your own body and also honour and love her like I love the church.

Now let me decode it. How do you treat your body? Do you neglect it? Do you deny it of its dues? When it offends you, do you beat it and make life miserable for it. Do you cheat your body? If your body feels like obtaining PHD, do you stop it? Do you stop your body from aspiring to higher grounds? Are you afraid of your body’s achievement or do you jump and rejoice?

Secondly, how do you think Christ loved the church? By starving it of affection? By not wishing it well? By punishing the church? By rejecting it when it comes to Him.

A man is to love. What does a man in love do? He does everything that will make his wife happy? He will put her interests before Him and cherish her. He will take care of her and pamper her. He will not let her cry or sorrow. Her happiness is his priority and a man in love easily forgives. He will help her. He will understand her moods and react accordingly. If she is tired, he gets her a chair, prepares her meals etc. If she is sick, wait on her hand and foot. If she is sad and frowning, do everything within his power to put a smile on her face.

2.   In turn the woman is mandated to submit to her husband BUT in Christ. Therefore if he wants her to steal, date another man or do any kind of illegality, she should refuse.

Because God wants peace and harmony to reign in a home, someone has to be the captain.

However because this captain so loves his wife, she is somewhat and somehow going to be the captain indirectly.

If this submission takes place, sooner or later she will find him eating out of her palm and she finds ALL her wishes met.

MY HUMBLE CONCLUSION: In a truly Christian home, they practice feminism without fanfare because LOVE can make the man DO EVERYTHING for his wife, AGREE TO Everything she says and SEEK OUT the best for her.

Why because a Christian has the spirit of God that dwells in him or her and cautions them when they are wrong and they make amends.

Do you agree with me?

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