Saturday, 27 February 2016


2015 has come to an end and one month into 2016 gone. There are many people that are in pains because they did not achieve all their dreams in 2015 and in this 2016 though beginning, they seem not to have made any progress.

It is not time to be sad but to do some stock taking.

It is time to re-strategize. Do not abandon your dreams, instead, change your strategies. It is commonly said that if you have been doing something the same way and do not succeed, you must change the way you do things.

Do you fall into this category of those who;
·         Sleep and wake up hoping that success will come even without lifting a finger to do anything?

·         Keep going over and over in their heads an idea wanting it to become perfect?

·         Do nothing but watch the idea in their heads miraculously actualize itself?

·         Have played more than worked on their dreams and ideas?

·         Focused on irrelevant things?

·         Done the last things first and postponed the ones that they ought to have done?

·         Only prayed when you got into trouble?

·         Recognize the first step is to have the dreams and visions in your head written down.

Ø  Having written them down, do not wait for a perfect moment. Every minute is sacred. Begin work on your ideas.

Ø  No matter how tempting, work must have an upper hand over play.

Ø  Get your priorities right.

Ø  Do not be scared of the hurdles in front of you. Advance and tackle them.

Ø  Remember to consistently pray over your plans not when  you get into problem

Ø  Work, work and network the plans.

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